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Report Says Steelers and Bucs the Front Runner for RB Tiki Barber

The whole “Tiki Barber to the Steelers” rumor seems to have died down, but the NY Post has brought it back to life, stating in their Friday edition that the Bucs and Steelers still remain the two hot spots that Barber should land. Tiki Barber is getting in shape for the NFL season, presuming there […]

Report: Tiki Barber Has Interest in the Steelers

Nothing like a good rumor to get you past your Thursday. This one to me is REALLY a stretch, and has to do with former Giants back Tiki Barber, who at 36 wants to come out of retirement to play in the NFL again. The following is from the NY Post (never known to try […]

A Barber Family Reunion in Tampa Very Unlikely

Adam Schefter and others have said believe the Buccaneers would be one of the most likely places for the re-energized, returning-to-football Tiki Barber. My hunch is Tiki would like to be – at least – a #2 somewhere. LeGarrette Blount is the undisputed top back for the Bucs now. Once he took the back-up role, […]

Former Giants RB Tiki Barber Coming Out of Retirement

After trying to make the transition to TV that had plenty of ups and downs, it looks as if former Giants running back Tiki Barber is getting set to try his hand at the NFL once again. Barber, who stepped away from the league after the 2006 season, has filed papers with the league to […]

Strahan Spends First Day at Fox Taking a Shot at Giants

It did not take new Fox TV analyst and former Giants DE Michael Strahan to start stirring the pot about his old team in the Big Apple. Strahan took a bit of a shot at the Giants when asked about wide receiver Plaxico Burress, who is seeking a new deal from the club. Strahan said […]

Giants re-sign Derrick Ward

The defending Super Bowl Champions have kept their backfield intact by re-signing Derrick Ward. He was one four backs that replaced the outspoken Tiki Barber. Ward who was an unrestricted free agent was having a nice year for the Giants before his season ended on December 2 in Chicago. He had a career high that […]

New Article at – When Trash Talk Backfires

Our Friends over at Maxim have alerted us to a new article about trash talking in the NFL. Pretty good stuff, starting with former Giants RB Tiki Barber. Here is a part of the article: “After leaving the NFL for a career of light banter on the Today show, Barber zinged Giants coach Tom Coughlin […]

Coughlin To Stick Around in NY; Deserves Extension

As the 2007 season got underway, the seat under Giants head coach Tom Coughlin was as hot as any in the NFL. Now, as the cold of winter sets in, that seat not only is no longer hot, it’s now a seat that may actually be in New York for the foreseeable future. Today’s New […]