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D.Reed and Cody Leave Game with Injuries

The Ravens lost two more players to injury during Sunday’s ballgame. Speedy Receiver/Returner David Reed injured his shoulder during a kickoff return in the Fourth Quarter and did not return. It is unknown how long he will be out. Starting Nose Tackle Terrence Cody also sustained a concussion and left the game as well. These […]

The Ravens version of the hit movie “The Expendables” Making an Impact

The “Expendables” Making An Impact It’s Baltimore’s version of the summer hit movie ‘The Expendables.’ In this case, a few talented players who did not fit into the plans of their former teams; they were deemed ‘expendable.’  These players found their way to the Ravens and are already making a positive impact for the team. […]

Preseason Week Three Preview – NY Giants at Baltimore

The Baltimore Ravens (2-0) take on the New York Giants (1-1) (2-0) this Saturday, August 28 at M&T Bank Stadium. It doesn’t seem so long ago when the Ravens visited the Giants in a regular season match-up in 2008 where the Ravens lost 30-10. For the Ravens it was not a typical game for the […]