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Manning vs Young: A More Admirable Path?

Peyton Manning has been an athletic star since prep school. Always winning and never seeming to face any real challenges. Ok, ok, he was labeled a post season schlep for a few years, but struggling versus not yet obtaining the most-high accolades are not the same. He has had only 2 losing seasons since being […]

Randy Moss the Best Ever? Not Even Close to Rice’s Greatness

With the Super Bowl now just three days away, there has been a lot of talk here at the Super Bowl about Randy Moss and his legacy as far as one of, if not the best ever wide out in the National Football League.  Moss even stated last week about his status, and how he […]

Emmitt Smith’s Ramble on ESPN Monday Night

For those that read Stephen Rhodes’ article a few days ago about Emmitt Smith’s days being numbered at ESPN  above is a video of Smith along with Stuart Scott and Steve Young following this past Monday Night’s game in Seattle between the Hawks and 49’ers. Smith is asked about how bad the NFC West is, and in sounding […]