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Rams Get GM List Down to Two or Three – To Meet with Owner Kroenke Next Week

The Rams possible new general manager list is down to the final two or three – that at least according to Steve Wyche of So far 9 men have come in to talk to the Rams about the job, and the club is still trying to figure out who will be the man to […]

Report: Smith to Leave San Diego for the Rams – with Jon Gruden as Coach

It sounds like the wheels are already turning for the Chargers to make some big wholesale moves once the season ends. The San Diego Union Tribune reports that if A.J. Smith is canned, he’ll turn around and grab Jon Gruden and head to St.Louis to run the show there. The first order of business for […]

Will Rams fire Steve Spagnuolo before season ends?

Three NFL teams have already made a move at their head coach position, firing their head coach, promoting an interim coach and getting a head start on their offseason coaching search.  Those three teams are already ahead of the Rams in contacting all the hot coordinator candidates and attempting to get all the ex-coach studio […]

Is Stan Kroenke A Good Owner?

Admittedly, I’m in a very sour mood about the Rams and from the “performances” we have seen and the dysfunction creep back that we thought was far gone after last year’s improvement.  But, the way the Rams have put together another ineffective roster, blame can be shared among everyone involved with this team, up to the ownership. […]

Kroenke Still Talking Like The Next Owner of the Rams

Even though his bid for the Rams is still in doubt, Stan Kroenke is talking like he has everything locked up for the full 100% Rams ownership.  However, we knew going into it that he would not have submitted his bid unless he knew that he was going to get certified by the NFL and […]

Stan Kroenke And His Bid to Buy the Rams

Stan Kroenke met with the members of the owner’s finance committee this week before the NFL owner’s meetings and everyone is coming out of the meeting all high fives and butt slaps.  From Pro Football Talk via Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch: The Post-Dispatch reports that another owner told Rams officials after the finance […]