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LB Porter Speaks Out About Patriots; Spygate

Former Steeler now Dolphins LB Joey Porter has always been known to speak his mind, and today Porter took his voice to NFL Live on ESPN, and took some shots at the Patriots, a team that beat Porters Steelers in two AFC title games when he was with the black and gold.  ESPN emailed some […]

Corruption from Arlen Specter

I’m not usually one to gripe about our politicians (most of their work can’t be judged until history plays itself out) but in the case of Arlen Specter and his role in Spygate, I can’t help but ask “What the hell?” Specter has made it clear that in his mind’s eye, the Spygate controversy surrounding […]

Commissioner Goodell’s Press Conference following Matt Walsh meeting

COMMISSIONER GOODELL: Good afternoon. I think you all are aware of the fact we met for approximately three hours and 15 minutes this morning with Matt Walsh and his counsel, Michael Levy. Joining me in the meeting were Jeff Pash, Milt Ahlerich, our director of security, Gregg Levy, and the Patriots had an attorney there, […]

“Spygate” Drama Continues as Walsh to Meet with Goodell and Specter

Ugh.  Just when you thought the whole “Spygate” drama had finally gone away, it rears its overblown, ugly head again.  Now the word is Matt Walsh, the “I don’t want anything out of this but I somehow won’t go away” former media assistant of the Pats is going to meet with NFL Commish Roger Goodell […]

What Is On The Matt Walsh Tapes?

Matt Walsh To Meet With NFL Commissioner On May 13

Former Player: Pats Have Been Videotaping For Years

The scandal surrounding the New England Patriots’ video taping practices continues to grow larger and larger. The “New York Times” reports a new allegation has come to light, saying the team began videotaping opposing teams as early as the 2000 preseason, head coach Bill Belichick’s first with the team. A former Patriots player says videotape […]

Report: Goodell To Meet With Specter Today

  The “New York Times” says NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will meet with U.S. Senator Arlen Specter on Wednesday to talk about the New England Patriots “Spygate” scandal.  The paper says the meeting is expected to take place at 3 p.m. Eastern in the office of Specter, the ranking Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee.  […]