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McNair was Drunk, Kazemi Had Marijuana in Her System at Time of Killings

The painful details of the death of former Ravens and Titans QB Steve McNair continue to come out, as well as details about the 20-year-old that committed the murder-suicide, Sahel Kazemi. McNair was shot to death in the early morning hours of July 4th. Kazemi killed herself with a single gunshot to the head shortly […]

Police: Murder-Suicide in McNair Case; QB was Sleeping When Shot Four Times

In what ended up being more of an afterthought than a question, Nashville Police Chief Ronal Serpas officially announced today that former NFL quarterback Steve McNair was shot and killed by his 20-year-old girlfriend, Sahel Kazemi, in a murder-suicide. The story that Serpas told the media is that there did not appear to be a […]

McNair’s Friend Says He Never Spoke to Him About a Divorce

It seems that if Steve McNair’s mistress – Sahel Kazemi, thought that she’d have the former QB all to herself and that he and his wife were going to get a divorce, she was…well, wrong. A friend of McNair, Robert Gaddy, who played football with McNair at Alcorn State, has stated that McNair never spoke […]

Report Says McNair Stood Up Mistress Kazemi Two Weeks Ago in Las Vegas

Details continue to trickle out on the murder/suicide of Steve McNair and mistress Sahel Kazemi. The latest tidbit comes from the Florida Times-Union, which states that McNair and Kazemi had a trip to Las Vegas planned two weeks ago, but McNair stood her up. Soheyla Kazemi, sister of Steve McNair’s mistress, said she was worried […]

Three Shots Fired at McNair From a Distance; Kazemi’s Shot Points to Suicide

The finality of Steve McNair’s life saw girlfriend Sahel Kazemi fire four shots at him, three from a distance, then take her own life with a single gunshot to the head. That’s the latest report on the situation, as The Tennessean reports that the autopsy results conclude what many already felt – murder-suicide. “All the […]

Titans Coach Jeff Fisher Says McNair Would Have Said “I’m Sorry”

Current Titans Head Coach Jeff Fisher spoke publicly for the first time Monday afternoon concerning the death of his long-time QB, Steve McNair. Fisher did it in front of former teammates Blaine Bishop, Eddie George, and Brad Hopkins, stating that he remembers McNair as one of the greatest competitors he’s ever witnessed on the football […]

Love Gone Wrong – McNair’s Lack of Judgement in Relationship with 20-Year-Old Sealed His Fate

While some are trying to look at the good things that Steve McNair did on earth before his demise on Saturday involving is 20-year-old “girlfriend,” more things are coming out pointing to McNair leading somewhat of a double life that involved keeping this romance with Sahel Kazemi, aka “Jenny” somewhat hidden. Reports today point out […]

Gun Used at McNair Murder Scene Purchased Recently by Kazemi

Photo from The pieces of the murder of Steve McNair continue to come out, and today it is being reported by the Tennessean that the gun that was used in the murder over the weekend was recently purchased by McNair’s 20-year-old girlfriend, Sahel “Jenny’ Kazemi. Here is the latest on that from the Tennessean: […]