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When it Comes to the Jets – It’s a ‘Friggin’ ‘Tangenius’ Scam

The sports columns are gushing and the blogs are orgasming and Jets fans are celebrating the ‘shalumping’ of the dysfunctional Arizona Cardinals yesterday, 56-35. So, what’s my beef? Glad you asked. Yeah, the Jets are now 2-2 and in the hunt. And, yeah, Brett Favre threw 6 TDs. And, yeah, the game was a real […]

For the Champion Giants, It’s the Penthouse to Outhouse and Back

You’d have to be a hermit on some interstellar asteroid not to know by now that the New York Giants pulled off one of the upsets of the ages by beating the undefeated and invincible New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLII. Because of that unlikely but very deserving victory, they were moved into the […]