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Former Giants WR Toomer Calls Kurt Warner ‘Disingenuous’ To Trash NFL

A rash of concussions, recent suicides of former NFL players and the BountyGate scandal have Kurt Warner hoping his sons never again play the sport. But Warner’s opinion is “a little disingenuous,” said former Giants receiver Amani Toomer, who accused Warner of trying to “trash the game according to Ralph Vacchiano of the New York […]

Kurt Warner – Hall of Fame QB or Not?

By Andy Green After the Giants Super Bowl win, Kurt Warner said that he did not believe that Eli Manning’s post season success qualified him as a Hall of Famer just yet. His much publicized comments prompted my thoughts of which recently retired quarterbacks are worthy of Hall of Fame consideration. The first quarterback on […]

Ranking The Super Bowls From The Worst To The Best – I Through XLV

Today we take the major undertaking of ranking the Super Bowls – I through XLV, with the 46th edition of the matchup between the Pats and Giants to be played Sunday in Indy. When doing this list, it had nothing really to do with the teams in the game, but the quality of play, and […]

Former Cardinals QB Warner Thinks Marc Bulger Would Work Well in Arizona

Some think that the Cards have interest in former Rams and now Ravens QB Marc Bulger. He’s a former teammate of former Cards QB Kurt Warner, who says that he thinks Bulger would be a good fit with the Cardinals offense. It’s expected that Marc Bulger will leave the Ravens after one uneventful season to […]

Cardinals Finally Get a Win; Top Fading Broncos 43-13

Remember the last time the Cardinals won a game? Yes, it’s been quite awhile, 63 days to be exact, but finally on Sunday the waiting came to a merciful end. Led by kicker Jay Feely, who made up 25 of Arizona’s 43 points, the Cards crushed the Denver Broncos 43-13 at University of Phoenix Stadium. […]

In the NFL, Pass is still the King, Run is still the Queen

Peyton’s Colts don’t need to run the football Truth be told, I cannot allow this point of topic to slide without addressing the issue, matter at hand. In response to an excellent well-written article by Lions Gab columnist Anthony Kuehn earlier in the week: Despite how outstanding the piece was executed by Anthony, I cannot […]

Lack of leadership killing the Cardinals

I get a sick feeling of nostalgia every time a broadcast of a 2010 Cardinals game shows highlights of Kurt Warner zipping passes between three defenders right into the chest of Anquan Boldin or Larry Fitzgerald.  It’s just as discomforting, however, knowing what Warner is no longer bringing to the locker room; a steady hand, […]

Cardinals former QB Warner to broadcast teams game Sunday

In almost a slap in the face considering the turmoil the Cards QB position is in right now, guess who will be in the broadcast booth this Sunday when the Saints take on the Cardinals? Yep, if you guess former Arizona QB Kurt Warner, you guessed correct. The former Cardinal QB who lead them to […]