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Redskins Offense Again Has Major Issues with Rival Giants

The opener for the Redskins was once again a cruel reminder that the New York Giants seem to simply have the Skins number. They seem to have a better gameplan, play more physical, and make less mistakes. Sunday it was the “same old song” as Four Tops put it, as the Skins were unable to […]

Redskins Coach Zorn Entering 2009 on the Hot Seat

If the Redskins want to go in another direction with their coaching staff either during or after the season, they will have plenty of options. From Mike Shanahan to Bill Cowher, there’s good coaches sitting the bench. So what does that mean about Jim Zorn? Is he already on the hot seat in 2009? Yes. […]

Redskins Coach Zorn to Allow Players to Stay at Home During Training Camp

In a change from the norm in most NFL training camps, it appears that Redskins vets won’t have to hang around stinky dorms with no air-conditioning as they get ready for the rigors of a tough NFL season. Reports are that Redskins coach Jim Zorn has told any vet with four or more years in […]

Redskins RB Portis Denies Any Issues Between He and Coach Zorn

A couple of days ago we reported about a simmering feud between Skins RB Clinton Portis and head coach Jim Zorn. It’s a feud that could cut the Skins to the very core as it could create some serious locker room friction before the team even takes the field in the 2009 season. Evidently Portis […]

Reoprt Says Redskins RB Portis Feuding w/ Coach Jim Zorn

There’s rumblings that there is a war about to brew in the Nation’s capital between Redskins running back Clinton Portis and head coach Jim Zorn. reports that sources have told the site that Portis is showing “shows little or no respect to coach Jim Zorn, and that the situation bubbled over at least once […]

Redskins Toying with the Idea of Moving Up for QB Sanchez

The Redskins have a liking for USC QB Mark Sanchez, and today’s Washington Post columnist Jason Reid reports that the team may look to play “Let’s Make a Deal” on Saturday to move up so they can grab Sanchez before another team gets their hands on him. The Skins only have one pick in the […]

49’ers Top Redskins 27-24 to End Season at 7-9

The San Francisco 49’ers capped off a late season push by defeating the Washington Redskins 27-24. The 49’ers finished the season winning 5 of their last 7 games and cementing Interim coach Mike Singletary as their head coach. Washington on the other hand didn’t help their rookie head coach gain any stability within their front […]

Redskins to Retain Zorn as Coach in 09

There has been plenty of talk the past few weeks that the Redskins will be going in another direction with their head coach spot after the season and fire Jim Zorn, who started the year red hot with the Skins but has struggled over the past couple of weeks.  Here is the segment from today’s […]