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A New Era Begins for the Redskins with RGIII

After a dismal season last year the Washington Redskins are looking for redemption in a big way.  The Redskins finished with a 5-11 record last season including going only 2-4 against their own division. Furthermore, Donovan Mcnabb who was signed in the offseason was thought to be the saving grace for this once great franchise; […]

Ranking The Super Bowls From The Worst To The Best – I Through XLV

Today we take the major undertaking of ranking the Super Bowls – I through XLV, with the 46th edition of the matchup between the Pats and Giants to be played Sunday in Indy. When doing this list, it had nothing really to do with the teams in the game, but the quality of play, and […]

Eagles Gab Previews Sunday’s Finale for the Eagles vs the Redskins

The Philadelphia Eagles (7-8) flirted with the chance of going to the playoffs, and despite winning in dominating fashion against the Dallas Cowboys last week, Philly was eliminated with a New York Giants win. In week 17, the Eagles are the lucky hosts of the Washington Redskins (5-10), in a game that holds no actual […]

Vikings Release QB Donovan McNabb

Well, well, well better late than never? According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the Vikings will release Donovan McNabb today. ESPN1500 reported that McNabb’s agent has asked for his release. With multiple starting quarterbacks going down, I’m surprised this didn’t come last week. Actually it probably should of came after his benching back in week […]

A “Lack of Talent” Show

Anyone who knows anything about NFL football knows that it’s no secret that the Redskins and their fanbase were the butt of numerous punchlines of jokes surrounding the Redskins throwing excessive amounts of money at big name players, and consistently contending for the “offseason championship” or “championship team on paper” title. Over the last 11 […]

McNabb discusses his role as Ponder’s mentor

Donovan McNabb has been with three NFL teams in three years.  In a sitdown interview with Bob Sansavere of the St. Paul Pioneer Press, McNabb discussed his demotion and the Vikings team in general. McNabb said, “Obviously, I’m still upset and frustrated because I want to help contribute to the team and help us get to […]

Still Searching For The Answer at Quarterback

How’s this for a knee-jerk reaction? John Beck isn’t the answer at quarterback for the Washington Redskins. Yes, last Sunday was only one game. Yes, last Sunday, he made his first NFL start in over three NFL season and close to four years overall. Yes, he finished last Sunday’s game without the services of his […]

Vikings benched McNabb due to poor work ethic, being late?

Michael Lombardi of NFL Network reported that the Vikings benched quarterback Donovan McNabb because he wasn’t putting in the time or work to become a great player.  “He’s the last one in the building, he’s the first one gone, late for meetings, late for practice,” Lombardi said, citing people in the Vikings’ organization. “They just basically have […]