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Browns President Mike Holmgren Praises the Hiring of Brad Childress as OC

Mike Holmgren is confident that former Vikings head coach Brad Childress is the right man for the Browns’ offensive coordinator position. “Brad’s an outstanding coach,” the Browns’ president said on the team’s radio show Wednesday night on ESPN850 WKNR. “I’ve known him a long time. When I first met him, I had just arrived in […]

Browns Hire Former Vikings Coach Brad Childress to Run Their Offense

The Browns have a new offensive coordinator – and he’s already pretty tight with coach Pat Shurmur. Shurmur hired former Minnesota coach Brad Childress as his first offensive coordinator on Friday, reuniting two coaches who spent seven seasons together on Andy Reid’s staff with the Eagles. Childress spent nearly five seasons with the Vikings before […]

Childress’s tenure with Vikings ends with his Firing

In the end, it was really, really, very sad. Brad Childress isn’t a bad guy. He believes in a strong work and moral ethic and brought this with him to Minnesota. What he struggles with, is interaction with others. He’s abrasive, stubborn and doesn’t adapt quickly to situations. He is also a little too sensitive […]

Yet another “unnamed” player takes a shot at Vikings coach Brad Childress

Much to the dismay of many readers, stories that have “unnamed players” as their sources tend to be where a person can, presumably, find out how players really feel on a subject.  Unnamed sources always seem to cast a shadow of doubt over the story, and perhaps rightfully so, but without the cloak of anonymity […]

Crisis Averted, Corner Turned, Or Both?

#4 Enjoying The Moment After A Comeback Victory In OT Here is a quick look at some of the key points in the Vikings three point victory over the Cardinals on Sunday: Safe At Home? “Home Field Advantage” was a relative term for Brad Childress on Sunday as he walked into one of the most […]

Favre Interviewing Jackson, Moss Asking For Firing Of Childress

“The Most Interesting Man In The World” On Wednesday, Tarvaris Jackson was being interviewed by a group of reporters when a loud voice broke in during a silent moment and asked Jackson how his hamstring felt after his 33 yard run against the Patriots. The question drew some laughter, as it was asked by none […]

Will Brad Childress make it through Monday?

The “seat” couldn’t be any “hotter” for the Vikings head coach On Sunday morning, Chris Mortenson of ESPN made mention of some rumors that Brad Childress would be replaced by Leslie Frazier as the head coach of the Vikings if they lost to the Patriots on Sunday. Well, they lost. By 10. Following the game, […]

Childress in a lose-lose situation with Favre, Vikings

Can Childress right the ship in New England this Sunday? With hard times come frustration.   With frustration comes consequences. Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports mentioned in a column that people from within the Vikings organization were under the impression that a loss to Dallas would result in Childress also losing his job.  Judd Zulgad of […]