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Gridiron Gab NFL Mock Draft V11.0

I admittedly didn’t get a chance to provide full breakdown & analysis for each pick as I’d previously hoped to accomplish, but with the draft set to take place tomorrow night, here’s an attempt to “mock” how things might shake down. The 2012 NFL Draft will take place Thursday (tomorrow) evening. Coverage is set to […]

Gridiron Gab NFL Mock NFL Draft V5.0

1. Indianapolis Colts- (Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford) Despite the recent surge of publicity that Robert Griffin III has received as an equal prospect to Andrew Luck, it simply isn’t true. Luck ran a more diverse offense at Stanford and was often asked to make pre and post snap adjustments at the line of scrimmage. From […]

Gridiron Gab 2012 NFL Mock Draft V 1.0

1. Indianapolis Colts- (Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford) This is the no-brainer of the draft, as the Colts know this is the only choice. The only question now is will Peyton Manning be around to mentor Luck for 2012? 2. Washington Redskins- (Robert Griffin III, QB, Baylor) The Skins wheel and deal with the Rams to move up […]

2012 Two Round NFL Mock Draft

1. Indianapolis Colts- (Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford) The Colts have completely reshaped their front office and coaching staff this off-season with the goal of a fresh start. The last time this happened in Indianapolis Peyton Manning was selected 1st overall. Andrew Luck is every bit the prospect that Manning was leaving Tennessee and makes perfect […]