Ralph Vacchiaho talked briefly today about David Tyree’s dwindling chances to make the team.

The frustration finally boiled over today for the 29-year-old receiver when, after dropping a wide open pass, he slammed his helmet to the ground and gave it a good kick. It was his third drop of the morning and his fifth in the last two days, which came after he missed a few practices with a sore groin.
“Anytime a guy is off a day or two and comes back,” Coughlin said, “things look foreign to him.”
Maybe that’s true. But with Derek Hagan having an excellent camp and drawing praise from the coaches, it’s getting harder and harder to see where Tyree fits since the Giants are highly unlikely to take more than seven receivers into the season. Special teams are always a possible way for him to sneak onto the roster, but after missing all of last season with a knee injury and with his advancing age, he’s just not as fast as he used to be.
It is still early, though. But Tyree is clearly getting frustrated.

If anyone was going to predict that just two training camps after making one of the best plays in Super Bowl history, David Tyree would be fighting for a roster spot, that person would’ve been called crazy. The NFL is “Not For Long”, but there has to be a place somewhere for a hero. I want Tyree to make this team. He may not be the best receiver, but he’s a leader, and tremendous special teamer. It’s going to be tough. From all indications, and as Vacchiano pointed out, Derek Hagan is having a great camp. With Nicks, Smith, Hixon, Barden, Manningham, and Moss locks, it’s most likely going to come down between Hagan and Tyree. I don’t want to count out Tyree. But it’s looking more and more like Hagan. Damn. Being a Super Bowl Hero doesn’t buy what it used to.