Why the Cowboys Should Sign WR Matt Jones

With training camp well underway in San Antonio, the Cowboys have a rather large position battle at wide receiver. The team is expected to keep only five receivers on the active roster, which as of now would presumably be Roy Williams, Patrick Crayton, Miles Austin, Sam Hurd, and either Isaiah Stanback, Kevin Ogletree, or Manuel Johnson.

Stanback seems to be the leader for the position (somehow) but could lose that very quickly if he cannot prove that he can stay healthy for more than two days in a row. But wouldn’t just be easier to decide that fifth spot by signing Matt Jones?

Now before you go crazy with this, hear me out. I know the Cowboys have made a major effort this offseason to become younger and to rid themselves of troubled players. And we all know about Matt Jones’ legal issues this year. But his actions weren’t even bad enough for Roger Goodell to suspend the guy. And concerning that age thing, he is only 26.

Now, enough with the off the field garbage, lets evaluate him as a player. As you may or may not know, Jones was selected in the first round of the 2005 draft at receiver (he played quarterback at Arkansas). Jones is 6ft. 6in. tall, and weighs 242 lbs which makes him a monster of a man at receiver. Last time I checked there aren’t too many corners and safeties even close to that height. He runs a 4.3 second 40yd dash, which makes him faster than most if not all of the receivers on the current Cowboys roster.

Statistically speaking he is above and beyond all current Cowboys receivers (excluding Roy Williams). Jones has compiled more receptions, yards, and touchdowns than Miles Austin, Sam Hurd, and Stanback combined. And when compared to Crayton, Jones has recorded 7 more receptions, 113 less yards (Crayton 2,266 yds, Jones 2,153 yds), and 3 less touchdowns (Crayton 18, Jones 15). And oh by the way Crayton has been in the league a year longer. And oh by the way, Jones hasn’t had a Pro Bowl caliber quarterback such as Tony Romo throwing to him.

While it may sound crazy, Jones may actually be a perfect complement to Roy Williams. Not to take anything away from the rest of the Cowboys receivers, but Jones has proven that he has the tools, and the ability to produce on the field.

The only thing that Austin, Hurd, and Stanback have proved is that they can consistently be injured. So why not take a chance? Its not like he is going to demand a huge contract, teams aren’t exactly beating down his door to sign him. It makes perfect sense, and I for one, think Jerry and Steven Jones should make it happen.

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20 Responses to “Why the Cowboys Should Sign WR Matt Jones”

  1. mark says:

    yeah, the cowboys should pick up jones, this guy knows wat he’s talking about
    Nice article

  2. Jay Bradshaw says:

    I agree 100%. There not much to lose and the potential for a huge gain if he is signed with the Cowboys. Yeah he made some silly mistakes off field but give the guy a second chance. What he did is minor in comparison to the players that have murdered, ran dog fighting rings, gang affiliated, etc and yet they still all play for one team or another. I for one think Matt Jones would be a HUGE asset to the receivers corps. Teams would be stretched trying to cover both Jones and Roy Williams. Sign him cheap…let him prove himself….if he doesn’t….let him go. C’mon Jerry Jones….you know you want to sign him so screw what the media is going to say and just sign him. You can throw it back in the media’s face in January!

  3. Mike says:

    Jerry just sign him before somebody else does. Matt will make somebody look like a genius this season, just hope it’s us.

  4. john d says:

    For those who had a chance to watch MJ play @ Ft Smith Northside and @ the U of A, you all know what kind of heart Matt really has. As much as I like big 12 football,(lifelong OU fan) I cannot deny that the SEC is bigtime college ball. Those of you with a long memory will recall one night that Matt went toe to toe with the now highest paid QB in pro ball. Peyton Manning lost a 7OT thriller to Matt Jones and the hogs in what will probably remain the longest college game in history ( rule changes @ 3rd OT going for 2) and is a defining moment in the college career for MJ. As a pro, Matt has done fairly well considering the QB’s for the Jag’s could not have beaten out Matt for the spot at UA…nor could they accurately read his speed….nor were they a passing team anyway….When analysts say he has deceptive speed, that really has two meanings. First, he appears ‘lumbering’ as he starts (due to height) but in two or three steps, he is gone….secondly, his leg speed gives the appearance of running slower downfield, but he is still a true 4.4 runner. Romo may well be the right QB to grasp on to MJ’s speed, and if he could, we could all be seeing some serious magic….Matt is no harcore doper, but seriously should not have fell in with his boys from the past…and really who does’nt drink a little beer when they play golf OFF the tour….Matt could be a fine asset to the Cowboys…and as much as Arkansans are still pissed about ‘them Texas refs’ I will be the first to admit, when it comes to pro ball…most of us are Cowboy fans, Landry fans, Troy Aikman fans, Staubach fans, Emmitt fans….you get it don’t you?…Sign Matt Jones, Jerry…..it’s not that he does’nt have heart because he does’nt jump around in the end zone ‘like he has’nt been there before’….HE HAS.

  5. C Stubbs says:

    I agree whole heartedly.
    (And it was Eli Manning @ Ole Miss)

  6. MarkinArk says:

    Sounds like an argument that should be presented to Jerry Jones by a Dallas reporter. I’d like to hear his response. Unless, it is “we are happy with the receivers we have….”

  7. alex fiore says:

    Jerry just sign him before somebody else does. Matt makes at all coner’s and saftey’s look small at 6 feet 6in. tall and pretty dome fast at a 4.4 . i would hope that we sign him asap..
    you would see roy williams , jason witten ,matt jones … that’s badass !!!

  8. Paul says:

    Excellent article. I, too, believe that Matt should be given another chance. Face it: the guy is an unbelievable athlete. At such a cheap price, it’s definitely worth a try. Sign him Jerry!!

  9. scott says:

    I’ve been a big fan of Matt Jones from his Senior year in high school when he committed to the Razorbacks. If Dallas does sign him and hes gets a chance you will not only see Matt have a break out year but he has what many in the NFL don’t have and that is the IT Factor. You will see him make plays with the game on the line and I wouldn’t be surprised if he helped win multiple Super Bowls in Dallas. I think he’s the missing piece. He went from being an all SEC Quarterback to learning a new position in the NFL and in his 3rd year he caught around 65 balls in running offense while missing several games. Not sure what teams are waiting on but I say give Matt another chance, he’s going to make someone look very smart. Good Luck Matt!

  10. Charlie says:

    Grab Matt. He’s top notch!

  11. Pat says:

    Somebody is going to look smart after signing Matt Jones, I hope it’s the Cowboys

  12. Don says:

    Sign Him NOW!!!! What do we have to lose????? And to gain…. you get the point. Come on Jerry pull the trigger, you’ll look like a genius.

  13. john d says:

    c stubbs, you are correct in correcting me…It was Eli. I was thinking Eli but wrote Peyton. Had been thinking of Eli lately because of his new contract….I also keep up with Rhett Bomar’s progress as a former OU player….glad to see he’s made the most of HIS second chance….sign Matt Jones now!!! Jerry and turn him loose…Wildhog, Wildboy, whatever…he is flexible enough to put in so many positions now, that Jason Garret could drive defenses crazy just wondering what will Matt Jones do? (WWMJD) The other blogger is correct as well…the NFL never got a taste of the IT factor that Matt posesses…Open the door Jerry…to hell with what the press says about you being the one to give folks a second chance, to be the rehabilitator, wait….is that a bad thing?

  14. JSaenz says:

    This guy had great potential. He has great qualities but never really had the chance to boost. With Romo as a QB he would definitely be a nice #2 receiver for the Boys!!

  15. Shaye Lowery says:

    Sign him already!

  16. Sean Woodard says:

    Matt would be a beast in this lineup. The Jaguars had noone to throw the ball consistently. Go Jerry, lets do this already!!

  17. Robert J says:

    Jerry, just think of all the jerseys you could sell in Arkansas if you sign Matt Jones. That will easily pay for him. Come on Jerry, just do it!

  18. Oldkid says:

    His blazing and deceptive speed alone should get him signed, not to mention that height.

    Plus remember that Tarvaris Jackson transferred away from Arkansas because Jones beat him out for QB. Granted Jackson is more of a Pro style QB and so far nothing to write home about but the point is Matt is a monster athlete. Those with less talent are starting–at QB no less.

    Wouldn’t it be funny if Minnesota signed Jones?

  19. Matthew B says:

    I totally agree…I really wish Jerry Jones would pick him up. He has so much potential and he is doing so much to turn his situation around. Not to mention that the whole state of Arkansas loves the Cowboys. Matt Jones be a great person to offer a hand of redemption.


  20. Matt Jones is a tremendous talent and he would play for peanuts just to get back in the NFL. Someone is going to get a deal. It is unbelievable no one has signed him. In Dallas, he would sell tickets. He would pay his own way.