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Rookie QB’s – Do you Sit Em, or Start Em?

There is a fascinating article over on written by Brian Burke that tries to determine whether it is better to start a rookie quarterback immediately or let him sit on the sideline for the first year or two. The piece uses reams of data that, frankly, I just have to take on faith since […]

2009 Gridiron Gab Team Previews: Atlanta Falcons

Dear Michael Vick, Consider this letter your official “Welcome Back” to society. A lot happened while you were away. America proudly elected its first black president. China wowed the world with a stirring Olympics Opening ceremonies. John Edwards became the most noteworthy politician since Bill Clinton to get busted for cheating on his wife, while […]

Looks Like Cadillac Will Be Ready to Take the Field Again in Tampa Bay

It looks as if the Cadillac is going to get another round of tires in Tampa Bay. The St.Petersburg Times reports that Bucs running back Cadillac Williams has been cleared to practice, and will be one of the 80 Bucs out there on Friday morning when the team reports to training camp. Williams has had […]

Fantasy Football Breakdown 2009: NFC Running Backs

NFC East: Dallas Cowboys: Marion Barber II – 238 att. 885 yds. 3.7 avg. 7 TDs Felix Jones – 30 att. 266 yds. 8.9 avg. 3 TDs Tashard Choice – 92 att. 472 yds. 5.1 avg. 2 TDs The Cowboys have a plethora of quality backs, but it looks as though Barber will be the […]

Would Favre Come Back and Pinch-Hit for a Contender?

Everyone knows by now that Brett Favre has told the purple that he is NOT going to play for them in 2009 – at least today. But, it seems that there is still a shot for Favre to come back for a contender in 09: There’s speculation that Brett Favre could decide to return during […]

Gridiron Gab 2009 AFC North Preview

Pittsburgh Steelers This team is still loaded from last years championship, They rolled through the offseason with no roster departures to speak of. The team seems to be satisfied with the unit in place as they made no additions to speak of either. So for the first time in years the defending superbowl champions return […]

Bengals LB Rivers Looking to Take a Leap Forward in Year Two

While cameras and microphones hover around Bengals rookie Rey Maualuga, another linebacker from USC is quietly preparing for what could turn out be a Pro-Bowl-caliber season. Keith Rivers, drafted ninth overall in 2008, returns for his second season with a new realization of just how violent the NFL can be. In Week 7 of last […]

Vikings Don’t Get Their Man, But They Do Get Cap Space

I have to admit, I never wanted Brett Favre to become a Viking.  Even when speculation first started, I made it clear that I thought Favre was a bad idea.  However, I realize that I was in the minority with this opinion.  So, in an effort to make you feel better if you were one of […]