No Surprise – the Favre/Vikings Saga Rolls On

I was talking with an acquaintance on Tues. about Prima-donnas and people who live for drama, when naturally Brett Favre’s name came up. We were musing about what new trick or turn would come up on or before Friday’s expected decision would be announced. At the time, we didn’t realize how prophetic this conversation might be.

“ What do you think he will do to stir the pot this time ?”

“ I don’t think we’ll know anything by Friday, except that he’s having second thoughts.”
He did this with the Packers a few years ago. He just loves to hear teams beg ! “Oh Please Brett ! Please come back and save the day ! “

So when Thursdays report that Brett Favre was “Anguishing “ over weather to play for the Minnesota Vikings came out, it was a tremendous source of amusement for me.

I am not looking for any credit for calling this one, because really, how predictable ! Now Childress has his butt hanging out there, and now all those excited Viking fans who were getting ready to sacrifice the family budget to buy tickets, jersey’s and T.V. packages are now ready to throw their sets out the window…….. And for what ? Just for the pleasure it brings to a certain ego-maniac from some Mississippi bayou.

He was willing to undergo surgery, the “secret work-outs” and all the media hype to bring us to this climactic frenzy so well orchestrated by the Master illusionist and showman. ……..Now you sign him, now you don’t !

Don’t be fooled ! He didn’t really saw the lady in half ! It’s all smoke and mirrors.
From my unique vantage point, the view is clearer. Like the petulant child who finds himself longing for attention, any attention ! Brett doesn’t disappoint ! Viking fans longing for a shot at the brass ring…….Let not your heart be troubled !!

If the past teaches us anything…….then realize that this is not “The hail Mary ! “ or the Gary Anderson miss in 98. It is merely Favre being Favre.

The man is not capable of entering the stage without the maximum possible fanfare and ado. This is a man looking to save the franchise, the world for that matter !!!

So sit back and enjoy what comes next……


No question about it in my mind ! Zero chance he stays retired ! Can I possibly be any clearer ?????

So relax and trust the Big Dog ! Done deal ! It’s over ! Written in stone !

I am so sure of it that again I state with emphasis and complete confidence, knowing that now, like Childress, Jackson, Rosenfels, Ziggy Wilf, and so many others, that it is MY BUTT hanging out right along with them…….

Brett Favre WILL play for the Vikings this season !!!!…………………………………………………..unless he doesn’t !

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8 Responses to “No Surprise – the Favre/Vikings Saga Rolls On”

  1. carol nelson says:

    What do you do?

    regardless, whatever you do, do it BETTER. You have WAY to much time to spend that could be helping yourself, your mom/dad, wife/kids, community, etc.

    Lay off the topic and get a life.

    This is Brett’s problem? Ego? Really…? It is called “choice”. Get a Websters or use Wickapedia.


  2. tim says:

    “So when Thursdays report that Brett Favre was “Anguishing “ over weather to play for the Minnesota Vikings came out…”

    Wrong use of the word “whether.” You’re a columnist, proofread your work.

  3. Robert says:

    In many ways I feel sorry for Favre. His need for the spotlight seems to be obsessive. As a Green Bay fan we went through the “Oh please come back Brett” stage annually. When it really is all over for him, Favre will have nothing, not even all the good that he had built up over the many great seasons he had with GB.

  4. Media Out of Control says:

    Favre hasn’t created all this fanfare, the man has actually only spoken twice in the last 5 months, it’s the media spinning out of control lately because what’s about to happen is truly earth shattering – the greatest QB in the history of the game suiting up for his former team’s biggest rival. And likely kicking their butt.

  5. Gate says:

    Amazing how an egomaniac like Favre can still have the little Favre groupies that stand up for him like the first to who replied. It would be humorous if it wasn’t so pathetic.
    God help us if he runs for political office as these Favre cult followers would blindly elect him.

  6. Lloyd Garrelts says:

    Prima donna? I don’t think that term means what you think it means. Terrel Owens, Chad Johnson, Deon Sanders, Randy Moss. These guys have acted like prima donna’s over their careers. All Favre is guilty of, is having a difficult time deciding to move on or not. The press has supplied the “fanfare”, not him. And this Friday deadline was leaked to the press by a friend of Favre. He has only said that he would decide before training camp starts.
    By the way I am a Bears fan.

  7. iowachick says:

    Amazing people can have so much animosity towards a football hero that they call others names for taking either a nuetral or supportive stance. It would be humourous if it weren’t so pathetic.

    Favre has not been paying attention to the circus, so its entirely media made and fed.
    Favre for one of few times in his life does not have a coach to advise him. he is making one of the biggest decisions of his life. Its really not even our business.

    It will be news WHEN he decides whatever he decides.

  8. anonymous says: