Brad Childress almost seems to be having fun with the Favre saga that has engulfed the Minnesota Vikings for the last few months.  While talking with a group of reporters, Childress remained non-chalent when speaking on the subject.

“We’ll be a good football team either way,” he said.

He also doesn’t seem to know any more about Favre’s intentions than, say, Ed Werder… or Yahoo! Sports… or, well, me.

“I don’t have any allusions as to whether it’s ‘I’m in’ or ‘I’m out,’” Childress told The Associated Press on Thursday. “You guys would probably say it’s not a matter of if, it’s when. But I’ve always said he’s not going to do it unless he can do it at the level he wants to be able to do it at. We’ll see.”

He also made a point of saying that the situation should not be placing stress on any players outside of the team’s current quarterbacks.  Then he down-played that stress by stating, “Is it any harder on them than it is on the receivers when you drafted Percy Harvin?”

I have long said that I think the possible acquisition of Favre is a great business move and not a great football move.  Therefore, it is possible that Childress’ own lack of stress over the situation stems from an honest and genuine belief that his football team will be just as good with or without Favre, and that the people in charge of marketing and business affairs can bring him in if they like.

After all, Childress is pretty much entering a do-or-die season.  I don’t think he would hinge his head coaching career on the iffy arm of a 40 year old quarterback looking to sign with his third team in three seasons.  It seems clear that he believes in the current roster, and he’s not going to let the Favre circus distract him from planning a Super Bowl run.