Packers Fans – Hasn’t Favre Already Won?

By this time, minds have been made up about who was right and who was wrong in the battle between Ted Thompson and Brett Favre. Now as the question goes from if, to when, Favre signs with the Vikings, another remains:

Who will eventually win?

This situation is the perfect storm for Favre.

He will be handed the keys to the hated Vikings with the luxuries of a great offensive line, one of the best defenses in the league and a superior running back.

He will be working with his buddy and former coach from a playbook that he knows so well he can hang out with the kickers during training camp.

Then there is the fact that all the other NFC North teams are currently under some sort of construction, most notably, the Packers with a completely new defense and coordinator.

I don’t believe everyone is expected to understand the anger Favre feels toward Thompson or why he would take it so far and play for the Vikings.

I think that I understand and I think it is very simple. Ted Thompson will not tell Brett Favre that he can’t.

Personally, I know how driven I have become when someone tells me that I can’t. It becomes fuel for my fire and I become more determined the more they say it.

Even if Favre loses games with the Vikings and even if he loses to the Packers.

By simply playing for the Vikings, he has already won.

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32 Responses to “Packers Fans – Hasn’t Favre Already Won?”

  1. bica says:

    He hasn’t won until he’s had a good season. That remains to be seen. He could actually lose big.

  2. Mark says:

    Sometimes there are no clear cut winners & losers, dude.

    On the one hand, everyone won. Packers needed to find out if Rodgers was real deal before his contract was up, and Favre’s abilities refusing to decline like I’m sure Thompson expected they would have, when he made that pick of Rodgers, was getting in the way of being able to do that before the contract clock ran out. Favre gave him an opening with the retirement & they took it, then made a huge gamble of sticking with it even after Favre said he wanted back. It looks like the Rodgers is the real deal, so Packers won. They seem to have their seamless transition to a new franchise QB.

    Favre wanted to keep playing. He lost at first because he couldn’t go back to Pack, then he lost some more when he was forced by them to play out his contract with Jets, which everyone who has paid any attention to this, knows was not something he wanted to do. But he did what he needed to do, including popping the escape hatch he helped create by retiring again, then leveraging the fact they traded up for Sanchez & also would have a cap problem if he unretired, to get to a place where he could finally also “win” which means for him playing on a good team using a system he’s intimately familiar with, run by coaches he knows and trusts (all things he didn’t get with Jets), and on top of that playing for an organization that seems to be willing to go out and sign proven talent (e.g. Jared Allen) to fill holes and give him a realistic shot at another ring, something he never really got in Green Bay, where Thompson appears content to sit back and hope everything comes to him through the draft, even passing up giving up a 4th rounder for randy moss — a move that probably would have gotten the team to the superbowl, given that Moss set the NFL season TD record that year, and the Pack managed to get within an OT of the superbowl even without him. Just one catch and run by Randy in that game might have been the key.

  3. Spanky says:


  4. Joe says:

    Dude, the Packers won 6 games last year…they hardly proved Aaron Rodgers is a franchise quarterback. If they win 9 this year and go to the playoffs the next, then OK..but they can easily end up in the 4 wins to 8 wins column continuously. Obviously Favre had to go sooner or later, but a smart team would have kept Favre and plugged in Rodgers the second Favre started playing poorly. Throwing him into the fire with Favre on the bench would prove instantly if he was the man or not. Releasing Favre and having pretty much no one competing against Rodgers gives him no kick and no fire…hence the slow start. By the way, if Rodgers gets hurt, say hello to 4 wins.

  5. your mammy says:


  6. Bus Cooke says:

    Favre was exposed for the prima donna that he is. Same issues, same tactics, and the same bs at the end of the year. No one, including Ted Thompson told him”he can’t”! What TT did do, was demand a little mutual respect in that, let us know by the draft if its the end. How long has this gone on, how many different instances? Randy Moss? I am so sick of that argument. That dog won’t hunt no more! We have a standout group of wide receivers – and Mosss’ contract would still be on the book as we try to sign our core talent. Wasn’t Moss involved in a restraining order situation close to that time anyway? Slapping hoes and smoking weed….yeah just what we needed.

    What was needed was for the “supposed” leader, and the alleged “all time” greatest to step up and have his day. Did he do that? What we have here was a new administration that would not cater and bow down to his every whimsical, and diva bullcrap. He was made to come to camp. They asked him to be a team player, and believe me I don’t think they envisioned their starting QB getting dressed in the administrative offices. He wouldnt even be inthe locker room.

    Go back and look at the tape of the NFC championship game. I think Brett needs to step up to the plate and finally realize that he had a shot at the Superbowl without Moss, and he threw a pick!

    I a long time Brett supporter, and lifetime Packers fan CANNOT wait for Aaron Kampman or some other stud stick their helmet right into his ribs! The only part that would be missing – they probably won’t stand over him and stare him down.

  7. bica says:

    Viking fans are such nice people, aren’t they?
    They bash Favre for 16 years, and he is the hated enemy. Now they’re so eager for sloppy seconds – so eager. They talk smart, but they will have Favre for one year – then what? The Packers have a quarterback who is one of the highest ranked quarterback, and who is expected to only get better. They have Favre for one year – no promises it will be a good one, either. Remember the Jets?

  8. Bus Cooke says:

    Aaoron Rodgers was the 4th rated quarterback in the NFC-and seventh overall in the NFL!

    Those numbers may be a little skewed – they come off the top of my head!

    A Rodgers will be the real deal. I dont think we are worried about Stafford, Culpepper, Jackson, Favre, or Cutler and any other street bum they bring in.

  9. Bus Cooke says:

    A Rodgers goes down….Flynn will have been 2 years more developed and further along then your boy Tavaris. Matt Flynn and Brian Brohm are as adequate as you get in todays NFL. Not much different in Carson palmer or Peyton Manning going down.

    Opinons are opinions… matter how twisted does not make them facts!

  10. Bus Cooke says:

    Minnesota overall as a franchise, are losers! Their team is not as good nor, half as dominant as they believe…..a federal Appeals court decision is the only reason they will be competetive on defense.

    A Peterson gets hurt 2-3 times a year
    He has added weight which will affect his speed…..they have offensive line issues. The last time I checked they have very mediocre wide receivers….a choke for a Coach.

    O-4 in the superbowl.

    Why would the packers beran out of town?

  11. Kourt says:

    All you people out there mad about Brett Favre maybe signing with the Vikings you where not true fans to begin with because if you really loved Brett Favre you would support him no matter where he plays… Im looking forward to Brett kicking Ted Thompson’s butt and the Packers to… The Packer organization gave up on him they didnt want him… Ted Thompson will regret it when Brett does so good with the Vikings!!!!!

  12. CK says:


    True fans support a TEAM, not an individual player. If your loyalties lay with a player, you are not a fan of a team, you are a fan of a jersey number. A REAL Packer Backer stands with the team. Root for the Vikings because a former Packer is on their roster?!?!? You are crazy!

    And Ted Thompson and the Packers didn’t “give up” on Favre, HE RETIRED!!! Get your facts straight and take off your rose-colored Favre glasses!

    GO PACK GO!!!

  13. James says:

    Favre is going to win the Super Bowl with the Vikings this year and complete what might be the most NFL Films worthy “Going Out On Top” storyline to emerge in the history of the NFL if not all sports.

  14. packernet says:

    If you think so.

  15. jimmy chitwood says:

    Favre screwed Favre. Simple as that.
    He held the Packers hostage for years, and I don’t mean just last year, it was SEVERAL years of “I don’t know if I’m coming back”, same bullshit every single year. He retires, the Packers move on, he pulls his same shit again, and the Packers say “we’ve moved on. Rodgers has been at all of our camps, workouts, etc (something Favre NEVER attended)” and the Packers are just supposed to go “Ok, Aaron, the old dog wants his bone back-you’re on the bench-thanks for the last 6 months of hard work and dedication, but, the bitch is back and we gotta keep him happy”. That’s horseshit and anyone with half a brain knows the Packer organization was right in what they did.
    Vikings fans are the most self loathing group of NFL fans in history.
    Aaron Rogers is the franchise QB that the Vikings WISH they had.
    Favre is not 100%, will not be 100% IF they make the playoffs.
    Move The Packers to LA? Dipshit…
    My neighbor is a die hard Vikings fan, and said if they sign Favre that I should “feel free to grab his Vikings stuff off the curb and burn it for him”.
    Never has a fan base been so against signing a huge name, free agent quarterback as the Vikings fans are with Favre, and rightfully so.
    He’s old, he’s hurt, he’s a bitch, he’s a whiner, he’s an ego maniac who OBVIOUSLY suckered Packer fans in for 16 years with his “oh golly gee” bullshit.
    Childress is a drowning man-the Vikings are a drowning organization-Favre is NOT the same QB he was 2 years ago, not the same he was 1 year ago, and he’s not your one year answer to the Superbowl. He got us to two, lost one of them, and threw a pick when we were a field goal away from going again.
    Let’s not forget, Favre couldn’t win in a dome to save his life for about 12 years.

  16. nerd says:

    When AJ Hawk breaks Favre’s legs this year, Favre will know he has lost.

  17. myballoon94 says:

    I am a green bay fan transplanted from New Mexico to Minnesota recently. I love Brett where ever he goes. He will always be a packer. But of course when I am at the Minnesota/ Green Bay games I will be a Packer fan.

  18. the Purple helmet says:

    AJ will have to penetrate the line in order to do damage – good luck with that. LA Packers? Could be. Brett and the boys will do their part. GO VIKES

  19. jay says:

    thompson pushed for years to have favre gone so he could have his qb made of glass play


  20. jay says:

    for the last 3 + years favre played with a line that could not block another thompson move i will smile when rogers gets hurt bad it will happen in time he ant shit

  21. fay says:

    Everyone has a thought on this-but give the man &the player his chance to play and if its with the Vikings so be it !! If you are a true fan of Brett Favre you will wish him well where ever he would have played.The bottom line is the Packers and Ted Thompson wanted to move on with out him which I feel was a big mistake with that said Brett Favre has the right to move on too.He will someday retire and be in the Packer Hall of Fame and Canton Hall of Famer too.So I for one will support him playing for the Vikings and watch one of the greatest to play the game ever..He brings so much to the sport,and makes any team better with him.I will be in line for the #4 Brett Favre jersey soon I hope.Good Luck Brett Favre Cann’t wait for the NFL season to start with #4.Go Brett! Go Vikings!

  22. TC says:

    No, Favre has already lost. His desire and hate towards the Packer fans (yes its the fans too, because you can’t beat Thompson without doing the same thing to the Packer fans and former teammates). It has caused a huge majority of fans to lose total respect for him. His 16 or 17 years with the Packers has been for nothing now.

    It don’t matter whether he wins or loses games, he already has lost due to his hate. Nothing like wiping out your entire career over some childish behaviour.

    ANYONE supporting Favre on this never was a true Packer fan, they are bandwagon fan.

  23. TC says:

    Like others have stated here, Favre RETIRED. Apparently many are not capable of understanding that. You sit and blame Thompson over something Favre did to himself. You never were a Packer fan to begin with.

  24. Owner of the Pack says:

    Um…for all you big football fans who think that the LA Packers are a possibility…you should do your research. The Packers are the only team in the NFL that will never move. Can never move. They are owned by the community of Green Bay and will be there long after Brett Favre is only remembered as a Packer.

  25. al from wi. says:

    To the so called owners of the pack. First of all you don’t own shit. For all of you who have the so called ownership try to get some cash for it now or when the pack dies. Favre made the pack what it is today. Ted has lost and will continue to lose. A Rod as you call him will not be a Brett Favre. Being a packer fan does not make you football or business smart. So sit out in the parking lot and moon the players bus when it arrives just like you did to Moss. Sit back and watch the vikes kick your butt. From a Jet Fan.

  26. jimmy chitwood says:

    The fans made the Packers what they are today..90 years and still going strong.
    Do your research before opening your mouth.
    Favre made the Packers what they were for a few years of a 90 year history-not what they are today.

  27. Sonny Crockett says:

    I’m a Packer fan since the days of Taylor, Hornung and Starr, so maybe in some sick way I feel that I have enough seniority to voice my opinion on this debacle. First and lastly; all Green Bay had to do when Favre decided he wanted to unretire, was give him his UNCONDITIONAL RELEASE when they decided Rodgers was their man. The Packers stated clearly: “The train has left the station.” This was their right. But they offered Favre 20 mil (I’ll take it!) to be the “face” of the Packers or worse offered him a clipboard to hold when Rodgers starts (Classless. His stats for that year were terrific.). They had NO right to tell Favre he wasn’t their guy anymore then refuse to let him go play for ANY team that wanted him. Look at the Packers history; they tend to do that with their “legends.” Even Lombardi left to be the GM in Washington. Do some research, Vince was basically forced out of their as well. Rodgers was their guy; choice made and that’s cool. BUT….Thompson should’ve let him go and ALL this would NEVER have happened. If Favre couldn’t bring it anymore; why was Thompson so afraid to release him? No Randy Moss and no high impact free-agent-pickup when you have LOADS of cap money. I’m not saying throw money to the wind but he could’ve upgraded the team that way as well as the the draft. THESE things are whet infuriate Packers fans. If Ron Wolf was still around the Favre saga and all that I’ve mentioned would never havde happened.

  28. Packer Fan First says:

    We’ll never forget you Brent!

  29. Nick A. Sigan says:

    As a life long Packer fan and ticket holder I am sickened by the classless way the Favre affair was handled. I will never desire a Packer victory untill TT & MM are fired off into the ash heap of history where they belong. Disgusting debris, they deserve the life long distinction of having perpetrated the worst retiring of a franchise star in all of sports. As stated above, if you did not want him fine but do not keep him from the game. Favre did not retire he was forced out by TT, he was given the walking paper cold shoulder for some time. I love Brett and find myself in the position of being a Viking fan and can’t wait for Favre to lead an appreciative team to the promised land. It is also wonderful to think that the Vikings have to use a Packer to finally win at the big dance. Regardless of what Favre does I will never root for Green Bay until TT is gone. Never. I despise him with a passion reserved for no one else.

  30. Edina Ed says:

    This is all a financial ploy for Zygi to unload his pathetic “Love Boat” franchise, so that they can follow the Lakers and North Stars out of Minnesota. This year will be nothing more than a minor footnote in Favre’s career.

    L.A. Packers? I guess Minnesota fans don’t spend much time reading their local news. Last time I checked your team was the one looking for a new stadium, the Packers already have one.

    Favre makes the Vikings temporarily attractive for a sale and a move to L.A. Perhaps Minnesotans should lose their obsession with Wisconsin teams and worry about their own state. After all you people elected Al Franken. No wonder the state bird is a loon! Go Pack!!

  31. Nostradamus says:

    The real question isn’t whether or not Favre and the Vikes will win the Superbowl this year. The question is: Can they repeat in 2010?

  32. Edina Ed says:

    The real question is whether the Vikings leave Minnesota in 2010 or 2011. I believe their contract is up in 2011, so the smart money will be on the moving trucks arriving in 2011. Super Bowl or not the Minnesota Vikings are doomed. GB may be losing one of its icons, but MN will be losing their entire team.