felixjonesMatt Mosley of ESPN.com recently named Felix Jones as his NFC East breakout player of the year for 2009.  Mosley is a former Dallas Morning News writer and followed the Cowboys for seven years before joining the ESPN crew, so it stands to reason he would choose a Cowboy player, but I wholeheartedly agree with his choice of Felix Jones.

Jones was having a terrific year last season before a toe injury forced him out of action early.  He is also a talented pass receiver out of the backfield and a great kick/punt returner.  All that stands in his way of having a great ‘09 campaign would be OC Jason Garrett, who seemed to have some trouble integrating him into the offense last year before the injury.

In fact, Garrett would be my choice for some of the Cowboys’ offensive struggles late last year.   As the old saying goes, “where there’s smoke there’s fire” and if all of your key offensive players are complaining that your play calling has become boring and predictable, then it probably has.  Yes, execution is important, but many of us fans, myself included, felt the same way last December.  Garrett has to do a much better job this year of getting the most out of all of his offensive weapons, like Felix Jones.

With Tashard Choice showing great signs of promise last year as well, the Cowboys are in great shape to have one of the most dynamic backfields in the NFL.  A heavy dose of Felix Jones will go a long ways towards curing some of the Cowboys’ offensive woes of late.