The Rams were at risk of not having MLB James Laurinaitis and RB Chris Ogbonnaya at their first official minicamp (second overall minicamp) because Ohio State and Texas will not have had their graduation yet.  However, because both Laurinaitis and Ogbonnaya graduated in December – they will be able to report to camp.

This is a small detail, but I think it shows the focus and determination these two players have to succeed in the NFL.  They could have coasted through their 4 years at college, but missed their first official minicamp in the NFL.  But, they graduated in 3 1/2 years so that they could focus on getting ready for the NFL.

Ogbonnaya and Laurinaitis both benefit by not losing face time with a new coaching staff, but the Rams also benefit because they will have their starting MLB and running back depth in mincamp to help them gel with the team.

Great work guys.  This is a small detail that will make a big difference to the rebuilding Rams.  Thanks for hitting the books!