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Comcast Subscribers May Not Have NFL Network After Today

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reporter Scott Brown breaks down the idea that those with the Comcast cable system may not be able to watch the NFL Network after today. Here’s a portion of the article from today’s edition: Football fans that subscribe to Comcast may not have access to the NFL Network after today. The NFL won’t […]

James Laurinaitis: Instant Starter in St.Louis

While it’s clear the Rams have the intent of starting Jason Smith (they’d be crazy not to), the player who could make the most impact is none other than the 35th selection of the draft. While USC linebacker Rey Maualuga was still available (and was not chosen, to those fans still crying about it, get […]

Will Mark Sanchez Be the Day One Starter for the Jets?

Just a few days after the draft, there’s a lot of talk about if the new QB of the New York Jets – Mark Sanchez, will be behind center opening day like Matt Ryan was last year for the Falcons and Joe Flacco was for Baltimore. Michael Lombardi of National Football Post says without a […]

Favre’s Agent Says QB’s Retirement For Real This Time

The Jets made the “official” move on Tuesday to release quarterback Brett Favre, which basically means that he’s free to go and play anywhere. But just in case you had a crazy idea that he might come to a team near you, forget it. Favre’s agent, Bus Cook, told ESPN that his client is retired […]

Red Flags Being Raised Over Early Missteps by the Chiefs

Under the twenty-year dictatorship of GM Carl Peterson, the Kansas City Chiefs amassed an impressive yet impotent record of 176-141-1. In that time span, the Chiefs secured four AFC West titles but only a single visit to the AFC Championship game in 1993. The firing of Peterson and the eventual signing of Scott Pioli as […]

The Packers Draft – A Reason to be Excited?

I typically shy away from judging a draft pick or playing along with all of the worthless hype surrounding the NFL Draft.  I get bored with the monotonous speculation and the same old stories.  One about Joe Fratboy, who, God forbid, may fall out of the top ten.  Then there is the feel good story […]

Tampa Bay to Target DE Jason Taylor?

Could the Bucs have an interest in former Dolphin and Redskin DE Jason Taylor? The St.Petersburg Times reports that Taylor could be on the Bucs radar. Here’s a tidbit from the article about Taylor being of interest to Tampa Bay. We heard an interesting rumor today about the Bucs possibly having interest in free agent […]

A New Attitude Coming in the Twin Cities

There seems to be a new attitude and confidence emitting from Winter Park this offseason, particularly when it comes to taking carefully calculated chances on players with red flags. For all that Wilf, Childress, and Spielman have seemed to improve the public’s image of the Vikings off-the-field behavior in recent years, it looks like something […]