I will make no secret of the fact that I do not want to see Brett Favre join the Vikings.  However, events during the last few days suggest that it might be a possibility.

Carefully chronicled by, there is something strange going on with Brett these days in a way that feels like when something strange was going on with Brett about one year ago.  Brett and his agent, Bus Cook, asked the Jets for a release from the roster.  Since the Jets had drafted Mark Sanchez, they were willing to comply.  Brett issued a statement saying that “at this time” he is still retired.

The “at this time” part of the statement is what got people talking.  After all, he essentially said the same exact thing last year before he began his campaign to be traded from the Packers.

Then, late on Wednesday night, posted a story regarding a mysterious flight plan that showed a plane flying from Minneapolis to Favre’s home town of Hattiesburg and then back to Minneapolis all in the same day.  While one could think of a million other reasons for someone to take this flight, it all seems a little too coincidental.

The rivalry between the Packers and the Vikings is one of the nastiest, rudest, and hate-filled rivalries in all of football.  The rivalry is more than just a word, it’s a way of life for the respective fans, an American tradition right up there with apple pie and Skynard.  The pinnacle of that tradition is best defined by a Vikings fan’s disdain for Brett Favre, the legendary leader of the barbarian hoard, and the reciprocated hatred from the cheese heads themselves.

So, for Favre to suit up in purple, one would have to begin to wonder if we have any loyalty left in this sport.  It would be a crying shame.