The St. Louis Rams decided that Gus Frerotte was not the right fit at backup quarterback, so they signed Kyle Boller to backup QB Marc Bulger.  Kyle Boller at this point is not a quarterback to challange Bulger for the starting job, but will provide a quality backup and has starting experience.  Not great starting experience, but starting experience.

Gus Frerotte apparently was turned off by the rumors that the Rams were going to draft a quarterback in the NFL draft.  To me, that seems silly.  So, the Rams went in another direction.

Hopefully, the Rams won’t be in the posistion that Boller is starting for more than a fill-in, as Jason Brown, the Rams new center says he became “gun-shy”.  Sounds familiar. tries to stir up some controversy regarding Jason Brown’s comments, but Brown started with the phrase, “I love him [Kyle Boller] to death.”.  I think Brown will be happy Boller is with the Rams.