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Jets QB “Competition” A Laughing Matter

While Jets Nation sits back and waits for new hotshot coach Eric Mangini to finally make a choice as his starting quarterback, no one should belive for a second that it will not be veteran Chad Pennington. Mangini for some unknown reason on Sunday declared that he was still unsure of who his starter will […]

More Trouble For Robinson And Owens

It’s not much or a surprise that two of the NFL bad boys both got in trouble recently just one day apart. First in Minnesota, the Vikings decided to simply cut their losses and decided that the season would be less trouble if they let go of repeat trouble maker Koren Robinson. Robinson fell off […]

Steelers In Good Hands With Big Ben

While the champion Steelers fell to an unimpressive 0-3 in the preseason, the biggest thing to come out of Friday nights game is that QB Ben Roethlisberger continues to look good, despite being near death just over two months ago. “I like his mind-set. I like the way he’s operating the offense.” Bill Cowher said […]

Don’t Hand Miami The AFC East Just Yet

It seems like the “in” thing to be predicting this summer is that the Miami Dolphins will become the champions of the AFC East, ending the regin of the New England Pats.  A lot of so-called experts predict this based on the hot ending the that Dolphins had last season under Nick Saban, and the […]

Branch Still Sitting – Pats Still Waiting

Now that [tag]Ashley Lelie[/tag] is a member of the [tag]Atlanta Falcons[/tag], that leaves all but one player holding out of his teams camp – Wide out [tag]Deion Branch[/tag].  Branch and the New Engalnd Pats have been at a standstill for sometime, as he is currently under contract but is refusing to report until he gets […]

Tick Tock…Owens/Parcells Fireworks Set To Explode In Dallas

Think that Bill Parcells and the Cowboys are not gripping right now about the eventual problem that the team is facing at the wide receiver position? With Terrell Owens’ hamstring as tight as a baseball, the team has tried its best to make deals and calm its fan base that despite the Owens injury that […]

3 Teams That May Surprise In NFC

With the season fast approaching, there are a couple of teams that are flying under the radar that could very easily be able to make some noise this year. In the AFC, there are many contenders and few pretenders. Over in the NFC, a lot of predictions have the Seahawks, Cowboys, Giants, and Bears as […]

Duce Likely Next Back To Be Dealt

With the saga of T.J. Duckett finding a new home over with, the word is the next running back that has found himself on the trading block is Steelers RB Duce Staley.  Reports say that the Steelers are very comfortable with the backfield that they are currently runnin with, which includes Willie Parker, Verron Haynes, […]