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Opening Blowout Losses Don’t Always Equal a Bad Season for Steelers

The Steelers opening day 35-7 loss to the Ravens was one to remember – but for all the wrong reasons. The team did nothing to give fans a lot of hope of a return to the Super Bowl in February 2012, but it is just one game, and in case you forgot, the Steelers have […]

As their week one game nears, Steelers and Falcons waged a classic in Pittsburgh in 2002

Back in 2002 the Steelers became a team that threw the ball even more than now, as Tommy “Gun” Maddox took over for Kordell Stewart at the QB spot early in the year after he struggled. The team had a matchup in their 9th game of the season against the Falcons, the last time we […]

Bettis Taking Shots and Cowher and Steelers in New Book

  The Bus has come out of the garage, and is taking some heavy shots as his former coach. Jerome Bettis, former Steelers running back and future Hall of Famer, is about to release a book about his career – “The Bus: My Life in and Out of a Helmet,” and in the book there […]