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Message to Packers GM Ted Thompson: Make a Move!

According the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, there are some new players in consideration for positions on the Packers D-line, including Jason Taylor. USA Today has reported that Jason Taylor was released this afternoon. The Redskins just smashed their piggy bank to sign Albert Haynesworth and DeAngelo Hall. Taylor was a disappointment in Washington last year and […]

Favre No-Shows First Day of Packers Camp

You can put the Brett Favre saga at Packers camp on hold.  At least for now.  Favre, who earlier in the week said he would be at camp today, the first for Green Bay, instead went back on what he was saying, and did not report to the camp.  The players were required to report […]

Goodell Keeping a Close Eye on Favre Situation

It looks as if NFL Commish Roger Goodell is keeping a close eye with the ongoing saga between the Packers and QB Brett Favre. AP is reporting that Goodell has spoken to the Packers management several times about the drama, and has even encouraged Pack GM Ted Thompson to talk to teams around the league […]

The Latest on Favre: Backup or Not? Packers Want Him or Not?

Things have taken quite a turn today in the Brett Favre saga, as for the first time it seems that the Packers are speaking out about the fact that Favre says he wants to be released to go play elsewhere.  The story today is that the Packers DO want Brett back, and John Clayton is […]

Letter From Favre’s Agent Asks Packers to Release QB

It appears that the Brett Fave vs Packers saga is about to take a rather ugly and fast twist, as reports from various sources are saying that Favre has formally asked the team for his release in a letter sent by his agent, James “Bus” Cook. The story goes that Favre realizes that the Pack […]

A Franchise Changing Decision Facing Thompson and the Packers

In what has become the number one storyline in the NFL over the past six days, the question asked by many is not if Brett Favre will come back for another season in the NFL, it’s what uniform will he wear come opening day.  The Packers are going to have to ask themselves what exactly […]

The Pack Don’t Want Him Back – Where Will Favre Go?

Brett Favre just ruined the Packers front office July 4th holiday. The gun slinging QB now wants to do the very thing that just about everyone that knows anything about football knew all along – he never wanted to walk away. Favre has thrown out rumblings about wanting to return, and the Packers and GM […]

FLASHBACK – One Year Ago Today on NFLGridironGab: Forget it Packers – Moss Not Worth the Trouble

For years the Green Bay Packers have long been thought of as one of the class franchises of the National Football League They play with pride, and off the field their players are expected to hold the legacy of what has made the Packers one of the more beloved franchises. That is why the recent […]