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Illinois judge calls out Bengals Tank Johnson is reporting that Illinois circuit judge Joseph Claps called Bengals DT Tank Johnson a “coward” for his behavior on the night of December 16, 2006 in which Johnson’s friend and bodyguard Willie Posey. It was during that night that Posey was shot and killed by Michael Selvie during an apparent altercation at Ice Bar […]

A Different Type of Tank Rolls Into Cincinnati

Fears of character issues among Bengal players resurfaced this week with the signing of Tank Johnson and Leon Hall’s DUI charge. Driving under the influence is going to happen to the best of us as long as people transport themselves to places where alcohol is served. No one (sober) would tell you that driving drunk […]

Cincinnati Signs Troublemaking DT Tank Johnson

The Bengals have been trying for the past year to clean up their image and get away from players with troubled pasts. That moto was thrown out the window on Tuesday, as the team signed Tank Johnson, a player more known for his troubles than his play on the field. The defensive tackle agreed to […]

Dallas Cowboys 2008 Preview Report

By Andy Benoit, Predicted: 1st 2007 Record: 13-3 (1st NFC East) Head Coach: Wade Phillips (2nd year) Roster Quick View *rookie **new veteran Offense QB: Tony Romo Perhaps the best QB in the NFC, but another playoff letdown and he’ll have one helluva stigma to rebuff. RB: Marion Barber Could be the most ferocious […]

Coaches Missing the Mark on Owens

There seems to have been some sort of “anonymous” poll done by ESPN where all of the NFL coaches were asked a variety of questions including which Pro bowl player they would NOT have on their team.  For some unknown reason, 14 of them said they wouln’t want WR Terrell Owens.  All I have to […]

Desperate in Dallas: ‘Boys sign DT Johnson to Add Depth

The Dallas Cowboys have signed the suspended defensive tackle, Terry Johnson (Washington), to a two-year deal Tuesday, which brings future depth to the nose tackle position but also a fair share of questions. “I’m real excited, man,” said Johnson, as he waited for a taxi to take him to the airport Tuesday afternoon. “I can […]

Cowboys Taking a Look at Former Bear Tank Johnson?

  The Dallas Cowboys are looking at the chance to bring in some heavy artillery to help out their defensive line.  No, not a new machine in the weight room to help players get stronger or faster.  Instead the team is talking about bringing in a tank – that being former Bears defensive tackle Tank […]

Johnson and Warren May Have Colts Interest

A lot of thought is being put into what the Colts may do in order to upgrade their defensive line, a problem spot on the team.  Sources say that there are a couple of players out there that have the Colts interest, with one being former Bear lineman Tank Johnson.  Big Tank is still on […]