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Michael Vick Press Conference Audio & Questions

The Michael Vick plea on Monday remains the hot button issue in the National Football League.  Below has posted the audio of Vick’s press conference, along with a number of questions to consider when listening to what Vick had to say earlier today. Do you think Michael Vick was sincere? Does the apology change […]

Comments of Roger Goodell’s Letter to Vick, Excerpts from Court Papers

Commissioner Roger Goodell notified Michael Vick on Friday that he is suspended indefinitely without pay from the National Football League, effective immediately. Following are excerpts from Commissioner Goodell’s letter to Vick: » “Your admitted conduct was not only illegal, but also cruel and reprehensible. Your team, the NFL, and NFL fans have all been hurt […]

Vick Lawyers Seeking Plea Bargain

The pace of the Michael Vick case seems to be picking up steam; according to sources knowledgeable of the case and its inner workings and reported by Bill Rankin and D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, attorneys for Falcons quarterback Michael Vick on Tuesday were seeking a plea deal that would hopefully reduce his […]

Report Says Vick Suspension Coming in Next Two Weeks

The long awaited suspension of Falcons QB Michael Vick is coming according to Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports, as he is reporting that Vick will be getting his suspension handed to him likely in the next two weeks by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.  The source says that Vick will be suspended for the entire 2007 […]

Browns Tackle Ryan Tucker Suspended Four Games for Steroids

Cleveland Browns right tackle Ryan Tucker has been suspended for four games by the League for steroid use.  The 32-year-old missed part of last season with a mental issue, and admitted that the took steroids in an effort to bounce back from the issues he was going through.  Tucker will be allowed to be a […]

NFL and Falcons to Let Vick Play; First Court Date Thursday

Falcons quarterback Michael Vick will be missing on the practice field when the Falcons have their first practice next week. Vick will be in a federal courtroom to hear the charges against him for the alleged dog fighting operation that he and his crew were running out of his home in Surry County, Virgina. The […]

NFL Talking About Suspending Vick

  In a move that should not come as much of a shock to anyone that is aware of the NFL’s new stances, Yahoo’s Jason Cole is reporting that Falcons QB Michael Vick will be suspended by the NFL following his indictment.  Vick was handed charges on Tuesday related to dog fighting and running a […]

Chiefs Allen Suspension Reduced From Four to Two Games

Chiefs defensive end Jared Allen was set to miss the first four games of the 2007 season after being suspended by the league, but now that suspension has been dropped to just two games. The move means that the starter will be back on the field for the teams home opener on September 23rd vs […]