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NFL and Falcons to Let Vick Play; First Court Date Thursday

Falcons quarterback Michael Vick will be missing on the practice field when the Falcons have their first practice next week. Vick will be in a federal courtroom to hear the charges against him for the alleged dog fighting operation that he and his crew were running out of his home in Surry County, Virgina. The […]

NFL Talking About Suspending Vick

  In a move that should not come as much of a shock to anyone that is aware of the NFL’s new stances, Yahoo’s Jason Cole is reporting that Falcons QB Michael Vick will be suspended by the NFL following his indictment.  Vick was handed charges on Tuesday related to dog fighting and running a […]

Conclusion May Be Near In Local Portion of Vick Case

  The case that just won’t go away may finally be drawing to somewhat of a conclusion, as a report says that the local investigation in the Michael Vick case may be coming to close.  Tuesday’s “The Virginian-Pilot” is reporting that the investigation into dog fighting on Vick’s property should be wrapped up by the […]