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Washington to Talk to Former Browns DL Shaun Rogers

The Redskins will take a look at Shaun Rogers, the NT that was released on Wednesday by the Cleveland Browns. Rogers had two sacks this past season for Cleveland. Keeping with the strategy adopted by previous regimes of pursing veteran players, a league source said the Redskins are expected to host free agent nose tackle […]

Browns Make Wholesale Changes to the Roster; Cut DL Rogers Among Others

The Browns and new coach Pat Shurmur haven’t waited to start making wholesale changes to a roster that lost their last four games and ended the season 5-11. The team today released a number of veterans, with the biggest name on the list being DL Shaun Rogers. The 31-year-old has had off field issues and […]

NFL Week One Video Preview: Cleveland at Tampa Bay

Sports Gab Network Editor Matt Loede previews the NFL Week one matchup between the Browns and Bucs in Tampa.

What Would Make This Season a Success to Browns Fans?

With the season right around the corner, I ask you what would make the 2010 season a success in your eyes?  Would it be beating Pittsburgh both times this season? How about 7 or 8 wins in Mangini’s second season as the head coach, or are you looking for improvement in the division with the team […]

Browns Toying with the Idea of a Position Change for Shaun Rogers

When the Lions traded Shaun Rogers to the Browns in ’08, I had mixed feelings. As someone who watched Rogers completely take over games, it was hard to lose a player of that caliber. On the other hand, as someone who watched Rogers take entire games off, it was also somewhat of a relief to […]

Browns Rogers and McDonald Share Happy Thoughts on the New Look Club

Shaun Rogers and Brandon McDonald were honored at the Akron Browns Backers Banquet, one receiving the Good guy of the year and the other the Best Guy on the team. Rogers and McDonald both had good things to say about this upcoming season in which the Browns try and get back to glory days and […]

What’s True and What’s Not Regarding the Browns Saga Involving Shaun Rogers

There has been quite a bit of talk about the Browns best defensive player, Shaun Rogers. Ever since Adam Schefter first reported that Rogers wanted out, the talk shows and papers have been exploding about talk of Rogers and coach Eric Mangini. Here is the latest sorting out the facts about what is going on […]

Browns DT Rogers Wants Out of Cleveland After One Year?

There has already been rumblings that Eric Mangini and DT Shaun Rogers have not seen eye to eye, including the incident at an awards banquet where Mangini reportedly ignored Rogers. Now comes the bombshell from Adam Schefter at that Rogers wants out of Cleveland. Here is the tidbit: As much as Eric Mangini has […]