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NFL Power Rankings Week 13

  Another week in the books in the National Football League, and while it appears that most of the divisions are wrapped up, there is still plenty of battles left for the wild card spots. With that, here is our week 14 power rankings. NFC Top 5 —————- 1. Dallas (1) – The Cowboys took […]

NFL Power Rankings Week 9

Things are happening fast and furious around the National Football League, and now with 9 weeks behind us there is a lot to talk about. I have a feeling there is going to be plenty of movement this week in the power rankings with some of the favorites getting shocked over the last week, so […]

NFL Power Rankings Week 3

  The balance of power in the NFL as we enter week 4 is so lopsided, it’s hard to remember a year when the AFC is this far above the NFC. Much like Luke Skywalker in Star Wars, the Cowboys could be the NFC’s last hope. We shall see. Here are our power rankings for […]

NFL Power Rankings Week 2

  It was a wild week number two around the National Football League, as it looked like a lot of offenses found their stride. Last week we had our first Power Rankings of 2007, and this week there is for sure some movement, so let’s get right to our power rankings for week two around […]