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Ranking The Super Bowls From The Worst To The Best – I Through XLV

Today we take the major undertaking of ranking the Super Bowls – I through XLV, with the 46th edition of the matchup between the Pats and Giants to be played Sunday in Indy. When doing this list, it had nothing really to do with the teams in the game, but the quality of play, and […]

Video: Mark Sanchez Flinch

The funniest moment in Sunday’s 27-11 win over the Buffalo Bills came late in the fourth quarter when quarterback Mark Sanchez lined up at wide receiver with the Jets in a ‘Wildcat’ formation. When the ball is snapped, Sanchez flinches back in fear of being hit by the defender. It’s certainly not going to help […]

NFL Week 12 TV announcing teams

Listed are the TV network, TV/national radio announcers and Sirius and XM satellite radio channels. All times shown are local to game site: New England at Detroit (Thanksgiving) – CBS (12:30 PM ET): Jim Nantz, Phil Simms. Westwood One Radio: Larry Kahn, Dan Fouts, Laura Okmin (Field reporter). SIRIUS: 124 (WW1), 123 (NE), 126 (Det.). […]

As far as leadership goes – the Giants are lacking

What’s leadership? It means different things to different people. To me, it means someone or a group of people making people better and inspiring them to reach a common goal. The idea, in my mind, that with a leader, the impossible becomes possible. In football, we define leadership broadly. A veteran locker room is sure […]