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Report: Patriots Have No Interest in Michael Vick

Plenty of talk continues about the future of former Falcons QB Michael Vick. Peter King of SI reported on NFL Radio that the three teams in the mix for Vick are the Raiders, Saints and Pats. Today the National Football Post reports that the Pats are a team that evidently has no interest in Vick, […]

Bears Expectations High with New QB Cutler

As you may have read, Peter King is ranking the Chicago Bears number 4 on the before training camp power rankings. I for one, was shocked. I don’t often see national writers showing our team any respect. To see Peter King put us this high has a been a surprise. I began to get worried […]

Are the Browns the Bottom Feeders of the NFL?

Peter King ranked the 32 NFL franchises for this upcoming season. Where did he put the Browns on his list? Dead last, as he picked the Cleveland Browns 32. The New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers are one and two on his list. With Tom Brady’s knee injury and the Steelers ready for a Super […]

King: Rams Linehan to be Fired if Teams Loses Sunday

Let the Scott Linehan watch begin. Today during the Notre Dame halftime show on NBC, Peter King of Sports Illustrated and Sirius Radio said that if the Rams get beat by the Bills Sunday, he’ll finally be canned. King said that Linehan would be given his “walking papers” (uh, don’t you mean fired Peter?). Linehan […]

Brett Favre Speaks to the Media in Cleveland

Brett Favre is now officially a member of the New York Jets.  In one of the most wild 24 hours in NFL history, Favre went from an exiled member of the Packers to a reborn QB with the Jets.  In Cleveland in front of a mass of Media that included the likes of ESPN, NFL […]