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Very Sneaky Jerry, Very Sneaky

I have to admit that I was duped for a moment when everything went down. The combination of the Cutler and Pace signing was a shock that stunned me. With everyone rushing to get on the bandwagon, it was a frantic haze with kool-aid cups left everywhere. A lot of people quickly ran for their […]

Breaking Down a Defining Moment for the Bears

It’s been said that the Bear’s are a cheap team that doesn’t take risks. That Jerry Angelo was phoning in an attempt to actually improve the team. Personally I thought he would play it safe and pick up a few players to make enough of an improvement to at best reach the playoffs. What unveiled […]

The Latest Vikings Free Agency Update

I don’t know what “phase” of free agency you would call this. Fifth? Twelfth? I don’t know. Regardless, there are still some free agents out there that could be brought in to help the Vikings. At this point, the many of the players listed could probably be had at a discounted price, which could make […]

Bears Should Forget About Setting This Pace

The Bears have been making moves this off-season to be in a place where they will draft the best player available, instead of being cemented to a position. With Orlando Pace visiting Halas Hall, it looks like Jerry Angelo may solidify OT without using a high draft pick. Orlando Pace is 6′-7″, 325 lb, seven […]

Ravens Heap Feels He’s Not Done Yet; What About Pace?

The reports of Todd Heap’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. Yes, the Ravens signed L.J. Smith this past week but that doesn’t mean Heap is out the door, as so many appear hopeful for. His injuries have gotten the best of him in the past, but he has played full seasons in 5 of his […]

Pace and Holt Gone; What Do the Rams Do Next?

So, the Rams have released future Hall of Famers and lifetime Rams Torry Holt and Orlando Pace.  This leaves a hole at starting WR and starting LT.  What will the Rams do to fill these holes. First, Billy Devaney let everyone know that the offensive line was not an issue as they were planning on […]

Rams Release Former First Overall Pick Tackle Orlando Pace

The Rams have announced the release of tackle Orlando Pace, who was the teams number 1 pick and the overall number one pick in the 1997 draft. The team has been trying for the past few weeks to trade Pace, but finally came to the decision of releasing him after they found no takers. The […]

Rams Using Orlando Pace and Torry Holt as Possible Trade Bait?

The Rams have a new coach and they are hoping a new look for the 2009 season, and with it there is expected to be some roster turnover. Two players that may be on the way out due to their worth in the rebuild of the team are both Orlando Pace and Torry Holt. National […]