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Maxim: How Are Madden NFL 09’s Ratings Decided?

As video game proprietors make Madden NFL 09 available to all avid gamers, you have to ask where these ratings are rooted from. Jonathan Crankshaw points all fingers to him! has dissected where these numbers derive from and has put together a one-on-one interview with the mastermind behind it all. Enjoy! Assistant designer Jonathan […]

Hawks QB Matt Hasselbeck Talks to Maxim About Favre Saga

Seahawks QB Matt Hasselbeck just spoke to Maxim about the Brett Favre saga and his thoughts.  Read his comments below: Hey Matt. We heard a rumor that you are thinking of retiring, then coming out of retirement, then demanding to be traded back to the Jets so you can backup Brett Favre again. Actually, you […]

New Article at – When Trash Talk Backfires

Our Friends over at Maxim have alerted us to a new article about trash talking in the NFL. Pretty good stuff, starting with former Giants RB Tiki Barber. Here is a part of the article: “After leaving the NFL for a career of light banter on the Today show, Barber zinged Giants coach Tom Coughlin […]

Maxim’s Best and Worst Super Bowl Commercials

If you haven’t had enough of the Super Bowl, or Super Bowl commercials for that matter, our friends at Maxim on their Super Bowl Blog has but up their 10 best and worst Super Bowl Commercials. Here you go!: The Best: Click here to See more of bestThe Worst: Click here to see more of […]

Sharing Another Top Super Bowl Blog with Our Readers

Since we are one of about a million sites covering the Super Bowl this week, we’d thought we’d share with you another top blog that is covering the game this week and weekend – The Maxim Blog. Aaron from Maxim sent us the following today to share with our readers: Wanted to reach out because […]