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Madden 09 Video Game Says Steelers Will Beat Cardinals 28-24

The Steelers will beat the Cardinals in Super Bowl 43. That’s the prediction from the video game “Madden NFL 09.” It forecasts a close game that ultimately ends up with a 28-24 Steelers win. Madden predicts the Steelers will build a 21-7 lead before the Cardinals storm back, only to fall short. EA Sports has […]

Maxim: How Are Madden NFL 09’s Ratings Decided?

As video game proprietors make Madden NFL 09 available to all avid gamers, you have to ask where these ratings are rooted from. Jonathan Crankshaw points all fingers to him! has dissected where these numbers derive from and has put together a one-on-one interview with the mastermind behind it all. Enjoy! Assistant designer Jonathan […]

Gridiron Gabbin w/ Madden 09 Development Manager Ryan Ferwerda

It’s the hottest video franchise in history, and now you can hear all about it here on NFL Gridiron Gab, as we sit down in this latest Gridiron Gabbin with Ryan Ferwerda, Development Manager of the brand new Madden 09.  Ryan gives us the lowdown on this years game, the new features, and what to […]

Aaron Boulding’s Madden 09 Preview