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Redskins vs. Cowboys preview: Another win changes things.

Almost every Sunday, I try and meet up with my parents to have dinner with them, especially since I have the good fortune of living close by to them. I’m an only child, and even tough I’m married and have enough things going on to keep me plenty busy, spending a few hours on a […]

Redskins HOF Coach Joe Gibbs Gives His Super Bowl Picks

While Bucs Fighting To Stay Alive, Redskins Fighting For Roster Spots

The Bucs and Redskins are both teams in turmoil, one obviously in stronger turmoil than the other. But neither team’s emotional plights and difficult “big picture” tasks will be main factors when they strap on the helmets on Sunday. For sixty minutes, it won’t matter what this coach said about Haynesworth or what this newspaper […]

Can Redskins recapture former glory of “Gibbs Days”?

Joe Gibbs after the Redskins Super Bowl XXVI victory From Chris, a subscriber and fan of Redskins Gab: Growing up in Northern Virginia as a child, the Redskins of old seem more fantasy than reality. Theismann, Riggins, Monk and Mosley filled my Sundays with enough excitement that I would drag my father into the back […]

Do the Eagles Matchup in the Tough NFC East?

Training camp is almost here and its time to take a look at the season ahead; particularly the competition in the NFC East. Several teams have made some key off-season additions. Let’s look at them team by team. Dallas Cowboys – (13-3 in 2007) The Dallas Cowboys didn’t go crazy this year, but did add […]

Unproven the Way to Go: Skins Continue Trend, Find Former Seattle QB as Coach

The Redskins named Jim Zorn as their head coach, completing a tiring and thorough search that concluded with the shocking choice to finding a successor for the legendary Joe Gibbs. “I’ve always dreamed of being a head coach with a franchise rich in tradition like the Redskins,” Zorn said in a team news release. “As […]

The Process of Finding a New Coach Continues for the Skins

The Redskins are going through more head coaching candidates before owner Dan Snyder makes his choice to replace Joe Gibbs. There are reports that in addition to interviewing Ron Meeks, the defensive coordinator of the Indianapolis Colts a second time, Snyder might be considering former coach of the San Francisco 49ers and Detroit Lions, Steve […]

Did the Skins and Carroll Have a Secret Meeting?

Did the Redskins have a secret meeting with USC head coach Pete Carroll?  That’s what NFL Network reporter Adam Schefter is reporting, as he stated Sunday that the Skins and Carroll had a meeting in St.Louis.  Schefter didn’t elaborate if the meeting was anything more than them asking Carroll if he was interested in their […]