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Giants Hope To Leave Seattle Remaining Atop The NFC

NFC’s Top Rushing Unit The 5-2 New York Football Giants’ will travel across the country to face the 4-3 Seattle Seahawks’ in what will be a semi-big test for the Giants. This is just a baseline test, something Matt Hasselbeck failed, as he won’t be playing this Sunday and it will be backup Charlie Whitehurst […]

Going In-Depth Breaking Down The Giants-Seahawks

One of the three tantalizing receivers at Eli’s disposal Here are the three biggest matchups I see for the Seahawks vs Giants game on Sunday. Before I start here’s an interesting side note I noticed while looking at some statistics the Giants have faced the two best pass defenses (yards per pass) in the league […]

Will Giants Duplicate Success At Qwest Field?

Five Quarterbacks and counting for the “New York Hitmen” “Poise in the Noise is a Big Factor” Giants head coach Tom Coughlin, on what the Giants need to do to survive the hostile conditions at Qwest Field. In 2008 after their bye week, the Giants went out to the West Coast and torched the Seattle […]