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Big Surprise: Favre Still Unsure About Comeback

There are a lot of people out there that will yell and scream and stomp over the fact that I continue to post updates about Favre’s tendancy to waffle over his decision.  In fact, I’ll probably recieve some comments similar to this: come on adam you are?, ahhhhhhhh, a sports genius?, let me ask you […]

Cowboys In Disarray After Loss To Rams

Favre Says He’s Reinstated; Heading to Green Bay Tonight

The saga continues in the Brett Favre fiasco, as now it’s being reported by him that he has been reinstated. ESPN’s Wendi Nix reports Brett Favre’s plane is scheduled to land in Green Bay at 6:30 p.m. ET, but Favre does not plan to attend the team’s sold-out Packers Family Night at Lambeau Field. ESPN’s […]

Was Romo Hurt Early in Sunday’s Loss?

  Tony Romo continues to take a beating about the Cowboys and the way that things turned out on Sunday in Dallas, but now there may be more to the story than meets the eye.  ESPN’s Ed Werder is reporting that Romo actually was injured early in the stunning 21-17 loss to the Giants.  The […]

Sources Say Bush to Miss the Rest of the Season

With the New Orleans Saints getting set to match up with the Atlanta Falcons, it appears that while they know they won’t have RB Reggie Bush tonight, they very well may not have them for the rest of the season.  Sources are reporting that Bush will miss the final four regular season games with a […]