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After Sunday – CB’s Won’t Huddle with the Defense to Avoid Quick Snaps

Browns defensive coordinator Dick Jauron said Cleveland’s cornerbacks will no longer huddle with the defense, an adjustment following Cincinnati’s quick-snap touchdown in the season opener. Jauron accepted share of the blame for Sunday’s blunder, when the Browns were slow reacting and the Bengals hurried to the line, snapped the ball and threw a game-winning touchdown […]

Browns to Hire Former Bills Coach Dick Jauron as Defensive Coordinator

The Browns have a new defensive coordinator, as the team is bringing in former NFL head coach Dick Jauron for the position. The 60-year-old Jauron is close to finalizing a contract to join Pat Shurmur’s staff. Jauron spent the past two seasons coaching Philadelphia’s secondary. The well-respected Jauron previously coached in Buffalo and Chicago, posting […]

The Ten Worst NFL Playoff Teams of the Last Decade

The criteria: I judged this based on 3 things, 1. Overall lack of strengths and abundance of weaknesses. We’ve seen in the NFL teams be able to get far with a bad run defense, with below average receivers, with below average coaching. But to be a good team, you have to do usually two-to-three things […]

With Bills At 3-6, Wilson Hints At Changes

Now that Dick Jauron is no longer the head coach of the Buffalo Bills, there are rumblings – chiefly from team owner Ralph Wilson – that there very well could be changes within the entire organization. Suffice it to say, no one’s job appears to be safe. According to Wilson: “I tell you, we have […]

Hope And Change, NFL Style

Here we are at the 6th week of the NFL season and already the rumblings in reference to possible coaching changes are out there in full force. It is part and parcel of any regular season; and despite what head coaches around the league will tell you, I am certain they read their own press […]

Bills Fire Offensive Coordinator Turk Schonert After Weak Preseason

Yet another offensive coordinator has been fired just about a week before the season started, as today Buffalo axed offensive coordinator Turk Schonert. “It was just the lack of productivity and the direction we were moving. I just didn’t feel like it was going certainly where I envisioned it,” coach Dick Jauron said, at a […]

Bills Coach Jauron Already w/ Contract Extension Signed?

While there is heavy heat on head coach Dick Jauron for the collapse of the Bills in 2008, owner Ralph Wilson reportedly has decided that Jauron is going to stick around. ESPN reported the following tidbit on Jauron and his status as Bills coach: Despite going on a 1-7 slide that left the Buffalo Bills […]

Bills Coach Jauron Takes the Blame on Late Game Fumble Call

Why the Bills were throwing in the late stages of the game with a lead Sunday were anyone’s guess. It could have been a death blow for head coach Dick Jauron, who took the blame for the play call that cost the Bills the game when J.P. Losman fumbled and Shaun Ellis took the ball […]