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Former Vikings and Cardinals Coach Dennis Green Doesn’t Plan on a Return to the NFL

There are still plenty of Vikings fans that would love to see Brad Childress replaced as the head coach of the Vikings.  There probably aren’t too many that long for the coaching decisions of Dennis Green, however, and those people mustn’t worry. “At this age, I’m not willing to coach just anywhere, not willing to […]

Raiders Have a Sit Down With Lofton

  According to “Oakland Tribune” NFL writer Jerry McDonald, the Raiders concluded their day-long interview with former wide receiver James Lofton yesterday for an undisclosed position. Raiders senior executive John Herrera had no announcements other than to say the interview went well and there could be a resolution in the next day or so. Lofton, […]

Davis’ Sideshow Act in Oakland Continues to Stop Raiders Progress

It’s not a football team – it’s a soap opera.  That is all that the Oakland Raiders have become, and all this is due to one person: Al Davis.  Yes, the crypt keeper is at it again, this time the report is that Davis sent a letter to head coach Lane Kiffin, asking the coach […]