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Ranking The Super Bowls From The Worst To The Best – I Through XLV

Today we take the major undertaking of ranking the Super Bowls – I through XLV, with the 46th edition of the matchup between the Pats and Giants to be played Sunday in Indy. When doing this list, it had nothing really to do with the teams in the game, but the quality of play, and […]

HOF QB Dan Marino Says He’d Deal Carson Palmer for a Third-Round Pick

Hall of Fame Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino believes in current Dolphins quarterback, but wouldn’t be opposed to the Dolphins trading for Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer. “I’ve always liked Carson,” Marino said according to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald. “For a third-rounder, I would do it.” Miami’s third-round pick is the 15th in the round, […]

Rivalry between Dolphins and Bills use to mean a lot more

Just the utter sight of that logo, the mere uttering of those 2 words sent me running for the nearest vomit bag.  I hated the Miami Dolphins more than math class and the end of recess.  That sissy teal reminds of a bad color prom dress.  Squish the fish, man I love that saying. But […]

Gridiron Gab Columnist Brant Hougton Sits Down w/ Dan Marino

Yeah, it’s true, Dan Marino is the not only the greatest quarterback of all time, but he is also the jedi master when it comes to leading his team to comeback wins. All these years some people everybody believed that John Elway, the great quarterback of the Denver Broncos, was the King of Comebacks. Well, […]

Tampa Bay Keeps Rolling as They Beat New Orleans 23-20

The NFC South became a little clearer today as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat division rival, the New Orleans Saints, 23 to 20. New Orleans had taken the first game of the series in week one with a 24 to 20 victory in the Superdome but this time the game took place on a wet […]

Dolphins to Start BYU Rookie QB John Beck Sunday in Philly

Facing an 0-9 record and a road game this weekend in Philly, the Miami Dolphins have finally given in and will give rookie John Beck a start at quarterback.  The second-round draft pick from BYU will be replacing Cleo Lemon, who has been unable to get much of anything going since taking over for an […]

Cameron Continues to Ignore the Call to Start Beck

  With the Miami Dolphins staring at one of the top three picks in April’s NFL Draft squarely in the face, the talk of the team over the past two weeks has been when to throw rookie QB John Beck into the mix.  The team has been starting Cleo Lemon, and while Lemon gave former […]