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Pioli and Ferentz to be the Browns Dream Team?

If your a Cleveland Browns fan the idea of landing Scott Pioli has to make you feel the owner gets “it”. While it is no secret that Browns owner Randy Lerner’s first choice to be his new GM and Team President is Scott Pioli, you may be suprised who Pioli wants to help him “save” […]

Anderson more than likely out for the year.

It looks as if the Cleveland Browns fortunes weren’t bad enough they have probably lost Derek Anderson for the remainder of the year. Anderson left late in the fourth quarter with an apparent MCL sprain of his left knee. This is the second quarterback in as many weeks the Browns have lost. Starting quarterback Brady […]

Browns Tight End Winslow Wants a New Deal

Add another to the list of Browns players looking for a new deal; during an interview with Sirius NFL Radio, tight end Kellen Winslow said that he wants to renegotiate his current contract. Winslow added, “When I got hurt [in 2005], the contract got renegotiated, so some things changed, but I think I’ve proven these […]