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Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher Doesn’t Like Some of the New Offseason Training Rules

New Rams coach Jeff Fisher doesn’t seem too happy with some of the new offseason training rules set forth by the CBA. Fisher says he has no issues with the shortened offseason calendar, but he would have liked a chance for his staff to work with the quarterbacks, and maybe some younger players. “It’s difficult, […]

Steelers Thinking About Putting Franchise Tag on WR Mike Wallace

The Steelers are considering throwing the never well received “Franchise” tag on number one wide out Mike Wallace, making it near impossible for the team to lose him this offseason. Due to the new CBA, the agreement has eliminated the “First- and Third-Round” restricted free agent tender, which could result in more offer sheets for […]

Players and Owners Reach Agreement on Final CBA

The NFL owners and players reached agreement on final details of the CBA late Wednesday night according to Mike Freeman of CBSSports. Now, the team reps will detail the CBA to the general membership. Players will conduct the vote, fax in the results, and if ratified, practice can start for everyone at 4 p.m. eastern. […]

NFL Lockout Deal & Football This Week

Legendary senior writer jclombardi reports about NFL lockout deal. BREAKING NEWS: Sources are verifying ESPN’s Chris Mortensen’s report that NFL owners and NFLPA settled the final unresolved issues in the NFL lockout.  Monday, the NFLPA is expected to approve the new collective bargaining agreement.  Then, the players can report to their training camps beginning on […]

Packers: NFL Lockout & NFLPA Voting Monday

Senior writer jclombardi–NFLPA vote Monday & NFL season timeline. Clipped from: (share this clip) NFLPA vote Monday & NFL Timeline: NFL owners and players have tentatively agreed to a plan that would allow for the players’ executive committee to vote on Monday to recommend accepting the CBA and recertifying as a union, a source said […]

New CBA Includes Expanded Rosters, Franchise and Transition Tags, and Free Agent Changes

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that under the proposed CBA, NFL gameday rosters will expand from 45 to 46, with the number three QB no longer inactive. Beginning this year, teams like the Vikings and Steelers can leave Joe Webb and Dennis Dixon active for more creative play-calling. It’s also a way for rookie QB’s […]

Owners and Front Office Members Meeting for 90-Minutes on New CBA

Fox Sports NFL Insider Alex Marvez just tweeted the following about the on-going drama with owners and players as things get close to finally being done in the CBA process. NFL owners and GM-types scheduled to assemble at 2:30 p.m. e.d.t. for 90-minute meeting on how the new CBA personnel rules will work afterward, those […]

NFLPA and Owners Continue to Try and Hammer Out a New Deal

20 hours. That’s how long the two sides have been talking in the case of the NFL Players Association and Owners when it comes to mediated negotiations toward a new NFL labor deal. The sides met for about eight hours Sunday, the third consecutive day the league and its players’ union met to try to […]