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Gridiron Gab Links – AFC Afternoon Edition 8/18

The Steelers took running back Rashard Mendenhall off the PUP list Friday. “Now whether he plays in those first six weeks we don’t know, but, obviously, we feel there’s a chance that could happen. Be it Week 5 or Week 6, that could be a difference,” GM Kevin Colbert said. – Pittsburgh Post Gazette Vince […]

AFC Title Game Keys to the Game: Baltimore @ New England

AFC Championship: Baltimore Ravens at New England Patriots Sunday January 22, 2012 3:05 PM Line: Ravens +7 O/U 50 Sing it with me now… BACK! We’re BACK in the Saddle Again… We’re riding, we’re loading up our pistols, we’re riding, we really got a fistful, we’re riding, we’re shinning up our saddles, we’re riding, this […]

Ravens Run Game Losing Ground

Run Game Losing Ground At An Alarming Rate  In Sunday’s contest in Seattle the Ravens went into full panic mode with the game still in reach and failed to utilize their number one threat on the ground in Ray Rice. It is a given that “Offensive coordinator Cam Cameron has to be more patient with […]

Ravens Thoughts: Did They Let the Steelers Off the Hook?

Shock. Disbelief. Anger. These are just a few words to describe last night’s loss to the Steelers. Unfortunately it wasn’t the first time that Ravens fans have had to endure another Ben Roethlisberger rally or a late turnover by Troy Polamalu to seal a tight victory. But there was a different feeling to this loss. […]

Gridiron Gab Week Eleven Preview: Baltimore at Carolina

Opponent: Carolina Panthers Stadium: Bank of America Stadium Head Coach: John Fox Record: 1-8 Time to Bounce Back The Ravens look to bounce back after a frustrating loss in Atlanta. There has been  much criticism of the defense for allowing teams to score when having the lead, but keep in mind that the offense needs […]

This Isn’t Your Father’s Baltimore Ravens

Remember the Baltimore Ravens of old? A questionable offense most weeks, but one thing was certain every week: their defense is what made the team relevant – and very successful. Ray Lewis, Ed Reed and the usual suspects making a mockery of most teams’ offenses on nearly a regular basis. But things have changed a […]

Ravens Add Blocking Specialist Lorenzo Neal to the Backfield

The Ravens continue to tweak their roster, and today they added veteran fullback Lorenzo Neal.  The 37-year-old knows all about 1000-yard rushers, as he’s been the lead blocker for a 1000 yard rusher for 11 straight seasons.  This is his seventh teams and the second time around with Ravens offensive coordinator Cam Cameron, who was […]

Does Ravens Coordinator Cameron Have the Touchdown Formula?

When some people think of coaches or in this case coordinators they might think of a mad scientist sitting scrunched over huddling around notes strewn across the room. Small diagrams litter the room. Beakers filled with purple liquid and smoke, lots of smoke. Suddenly. A bolt of lightning. A loud scream. Eureka! We have it […]