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Bengals Come to Terms with Quarterback Bruce Gradkowski

By Bengals Gab Columnist Nathan Mallon While the Bengals did not end up agreeing to terms with former Raider guard Robert Gallery they did agree to a deal with former Raider QB Bruce Gradkowski earlier today. Reports are that the team and Gradkowski agreed to a 2 year deal which will be signed later this […]

GridironGab Week Twelve Preview – Miami at Oakland

Both teams are coming off of lopsided loses.  Both teams are 5-5.  Both teams need to victory to keep themselves in the playoff hunt.  Home team is 4-1 at home, road team is 4-1 on the road.  This game could be ugly as both offenses showed nothing last week, but won’t be on TV locally […]

Steelers Defense Lowers the Boom on Raiders in 35-3 Win

One week after being embarrassed at home by Tom Brady – again – the Steelers had their gut check of the season Sunday, and answered it with a complete beating of the Raiders at home 35-3. The Steelers trailed 3-0, but came back after a slow start and ran all over the Raiders. They scored […]

The reason why the Raiders benched QB Jason Campbell

Campbell will be under center to start Sunday’s game in San Francisco So, I watched the replay of the Raiders Chargers game last night, and I got it.  I know why Jason Campbell was benched earlier this season. He does not throw to the wide receivers. He targeted them only 7 times (by my count) […]

The Raiders end the streak – an instant classic

Redemption. It’s one of the reasons we love sports the way we do. Because in life, we rarely get it, or even witness it. Hollywood has made about a gazillion dollars on this premise alone. You know, school bully beats up everyone, and then the skinny kid has enough, figures out a way to kick […]

UPDATE: Raiders QB Gradkowski returns to start 2nd half, but is removed for Campbell

Another Update: Jason Campbell is back in for Bruce Gradkowski. UPDATE: Gradkowski back in, Campbell out.  Man, this guy’s tough.  Vintage Raiders QB.  Bring out your throwback Kenny Stabler jerseys.  Insert Bruce, exit Jason.  See a recurring theme?  The trend is being played out like QB “Musical Chairs”. Earlier report: Bruce Gradkowski has been knocked […]

Short handed Texans hold off Raiders 31-24 in Oakland

The Houston Texans put up a great fight Sunday for the 31-24 win over the Oakland Raiders at the Oakland Collesium.  Even though benching the leading NFL rusher and AFC Player of the Month until the six-minute marker of the second quarter, the Texans were led by Foster’s run game and a renewed defensive energy.  The defense stepped up with […]

One word to describe the Raiders woes – Shanked

The cliché that circles around a locker room after a loss like last week’s 24-23 heartbreaker is that one play didn’t decide the outcome. I say, Hogwash. Of course one play doesn’t win or lose a game. There are hundreds of plays in each game, many of them having an impact on the outcome. But […]