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What a Ride It Was…….

“Joyously unrestrained and enthusiastic”. This is the definition of exuberant according to the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary. For most football fans this can also be used to describe the career of Green Bay quarterback Brett Favre and what it was like watching him play the game he loved and the journey he embarked on that fateful […]

While Rodgers Will Start – Who Will be the Backup in Green Bay?

  Now that the day has arrived for the Green Bay Packers to start looking ahead for life without Brett Favre as their starting QB, what route will the team go when it comes to the starting and backup quarterback positions?  The obvious thought is that it’s finally going to be a time for former […]

Favre Retires on His Terms

  The news that Brett Favre will retire isn’t shocking. In fact, I am not completely convinced that he will stay retired. Hyper-competitive athletes like Michael Jordan, Roger Clemens and Jerry Rice have struggled with retirement in recent years, so there is a reason to believe that Favre could be leaving the door a little […]