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The latest on Favre and what he’s up to

It is either a sign that fans are sick and tired of having to hear about the Favre Watch, or fans are extremely confident that he’ll be back. Either way, I was surprised that the latest update on Favre managed to be overshadowed by the NFL Draft.  One year ago, an update about Brett Favre […]

Big Surprise: Favre Still Unsure About Comeback

There are a lot of people out there that will yell and scream and stomp over the fact that I continue to post updates about Favre’s tendancy to waffle over his decision.  In fact, I’ll probably recieve some comments similar to this: come on adam you are?, ahhhhhhhh, a sports genius?, let me ask you […]

Favre Says He’s Not Coming Back

Yahoo is reporting that Brett Favre has informed the Vikings that he plans to stay retired.  This would explain why Brad Childress showed up at Winter Park this morning when everyone thought he was in Mississippi. Now, Favre has changed his mind many times over the past four or five years, so don’t be surprised […]

Farve to the Panthers? Report Says That’s What His Agent Wants

Just as we threw out some teams earlier where Brett Favre may end up if he really does want back in the league adn the Pack does not want him back, one source is reporting that Favre’s agent wants him to play for the Carolina Panthers. is reporting that Favre’s agent Bus Cook, is […]

Could Brett Favre Return to the Packers?

Would Favre Return if The Pack Had Injuries?

As I said back the day it was announced – I would not be shocked one bit if Bret Farve is back. Now that some time has passed and Favre has had an opportunity to sit back and smell the flowers, there is already talk by Bret about – you guessed it – being available […]

Favre’s Agent Refutes Comeback Story

Brett Favre’s agent says the legendary quarterback is not returning to the NFL. On Thursday, the “Los Angeles Times” reported that Favre’s agent, James “Bus” Cook, had spoken with other teams about acquiring him from the Green Bay Packers.  However, Cook told ESPN the report is “absolutely false”.   Favre’s rights still belong to the Packers, […]

Packers Pound Seahawks in the Snow 42-20 to Move to NFC Title Game

In a NFC Divisional playoff game that started off as a Seattle Seahawks blowout, ended with the same team from the Northwest getting blown out. Led by a running game that saw Ryan Grant start with two fumbles and end with 201 yards on the ground, the Packers are on their way to the NFC […]