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First Quarter Thoughts – Ravens Strike Quick, Steelers D Looks Lost

The Ravens lead the Steelers 14-0 at the end of one, and so far the Steelers have been totally outplayed in just about every area. The pass rush hasn’t made a dent against a patchwork Ravens O-line, and Joe Flacco has been on target, going 6-for-6 for 87 yards, including a TD to Anquin Boldin […]

A Vote for the Giants to Go After Anquin Boldin

With Plaxico Burress seemingly in more trouble daily, it seems clear the Giants should-and will- move on with out him next season. For all his talent, his off the field shenanigans have no place in a contending team’s locker room. The Giants got back on track Sunday night without him, but Plax is an amazing talent. You […]

Week 15 WR Fantasy Football Rankings

By Josh Satler – Must Starts: 1. Anquan Boldin vs. Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings head out to Arizona with a one-game lead in the NFC Central while the Cardinals wrapped up the NFC West on Sunday. That said, the Vikings don’t fare too well on the road and their pass defense is highly suspect. […]