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It’s Peyton Hillis vs Michael Vick for the Cover of Madden 12

It is Browns running back Peyton Hillis against Eagles quarterback Michael Vick for the Cover of Madden 12. Vick beat out Vikings running back Adrian Peterson to reach the finals while Hillis prevailed over Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. The winner will be announced on April 27th. The winner will be announced that afternoon on “SportsNation.” […]

Madden 11 to Support Online Cooperative Play

If you’re one of the millions of Madden players hooked up to either the Playstation Network or Xbox LIVE, you’ve probably had to sit through an hour long pounding at the hands of a prepubescent boy whose mouth-breathing keeps his mic active through the entire game. Now, with Madden 11’s debut of an online coop […]

EA Sports Likes The Vikings in The Upcoming Madden 11

A minor stir was created amongst the gamer/baller hybrid community when somebody swiped a video of the Madden ’11 rankings of players at the top of their respective positions. As I was glancing over the latest ratings that have been bootlegged (and are probably subject to change) I did notice that the newest version of […]

Madden 11 to Feature new Play Calling System Called “Game Flow”

If you’ve every played a Madden NFL title, you’ve no doubt seen the iconic play call menu showing the various X’s and O’s drawings that pops up before each play.  EA has announced that in Madden 11, to streamline gameplay this menu will no longer exist. The last time EA attempted to reinvent their play […]

Madden ’11 and The Bears – Gaming Around the League

Graham Bennett grew up with a controller in his hand, having spent most of his youth playing Combat, Super Mario and even spending two years of his high school career in the fantasy world of EverQuest. Thankfully in college he found sports gaming and as they say, the rest is history. In a series preceding […]